Amodau Cymdeithasol

Amgylchiadau yn Wyrcws Llanfyllin, tudalen 2

Talu diolchiadau
Archifau Sir Powys
"A unanimous vote of thanks was accorded to Miss Alice Hayhurst, Misses Dugdale (London), Mr W Rees Roberts and Mr Lomax for their kindness in sending Christmas presents to the inmates.

The application of J M Dugdale Esq. for permission to give the inmates an entertainment at the workhouse was readily granted."

Cynhaliwyd adloniant tebyg mewn tlotai eraill yn Sir Frycheiniog.

Yn yr un cyfarfod ceisiodd y Swyddog Meddygol gael bwyd mwy iachus ac amrywiol ar gyfer y trigolion ond ni chymerwyd dim sylw o'i ymdrechion:

"Fish A letter was read from the Medical Officer dated 6th January 1891 recommending that 8 oz of cooked fish unboned be given to each adult inmate, instead of the 4oz of flesh meat and that it should be accompanied with oil or melted butter. After some discussion the proposed fish dinner was abandoned." Pysgod

Ar yr 2il o Ebrill adroddwyd y cafwyd rhodd arall:

"The Master reported that the Workhouse women and children during the last fortnight had been presented by Misses Hayhurst and J M Dugdale Esq. with sweets oranges eggs and a football." Melysion, orennau, wyau & pêl droed

Bu cryn bendroni yn y Bwrdd a ddylai'r trigolion gael deunydd darllen o gwbl. Yn y diwedd penderfynwyd:

Llenyddiaeth at ddefnydd y trigolion "On the recommendation of J Lloyd Murray Browne Esq. Local Government Board Inspector the Chairman moved that 1/- s weekly be expended on illustrated papers for the use of the inmates, such papers not to be more than a week old. This was seconded by Mr Kempster and unanimously agreed to."

Rhoddwyd y gontract i gyflenwi'r rhain allan i dendr.

Fodd bynnag, efallai mai'r adlewyrchiad tristaf o statws y tlodion oedd eitem yn trafod Tir Claddu'r Wyrcws, a oedd dros y ffordd i'r wyrcws ei hunan:

Cynllun Wyrcws Llanfyllin
Tir claddu'r Wyrcws
"On the suggestion of J M Dugdale Esq the Master was authorised to employ a gardener for a day to attend to this and after some discussion the visiting committee was desired to consider and to report whether head-stones, a ground plan or some other means, should be provided with the view to the identity of the grave of every individual buried therein."

Amgylchiadau yn Wyrcws Llanfyllin