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Clybiau a Mudiadau

Roedd rhai ysgrifenwyr dyddiaduron yn cymryd rhan mewn clybiau a chymdeithasau amrywiol, a dyma rai ohonynt:

  • 10.15am Drove to Builth Wells to attend a meeting, at the White Horse, of the retired professional and businessmen's club Probus.

  • Phone rings with link to teleconference with MIND (National mental health charity) on phone for 1 ½ hours. Went to office of local MIND association to carry out duties as chair.

  • Uneventful day at work but in the evening attended meeting of local branch of the Royal British Legion, when annual prize draw took place. Funds raised in excess of £300. Discussed the discovery of a shield at Council offices which related to the town adopting a ship during the Second World War when £40000 was raised by local residents in one week during February 1942. Discussed the possibility of having a dedication service to celebrate 60th anniversary.

Rhai o gefnogwyr mwyaf brwd y cynllun hwn oedd aelodau Sefydliad y Merched {cysyllter â . . . .) a derbyniwyd llawer o ddyddiaduron gan aelodau’r sefydliad. Dyma dameidiau o rai ohonynt sy’n sôn am eu gweithgareddau gyda’r sefydliad:

  • Telephoned several members of our W I to remind them to complete a diary of events for today . . . . . .

  • Late tea and a rush to shower and change for a meeting of Crew Green W I. As president I handed over a cheque for £200 to Hope House Hospice, proceeds from an evening garden party held in July.

  • Illus. by Rob Davies
    Illus. By Rob Davies
    Brecon Cathedral
    Brecon Cathedral
    After tea I get ready for W I meeting held at the leisure centre. This month we have Felindre W I members, who are twinned with our W I, joining us as we are having a cookery demonstration by a lady from Llangurig in supper dishes for one or two persons. She always does an excellent demonstration. We had recipe sheets. Everyone had to bring enough food for two people, so we had nice eats with our cup of tea. A lady from Nantmel W I was there selling W I books. The competition was 'Your favourite cup and saucer'. The meeting closed at 9.30.
  • My lift arrives at 7pm to take 5 W I members from Felindre W I to Rhayader W I which is our link Institute. We have a wonderful time and enjoy a cookery demonstration and scrumptious supper.

  • Dash off to Women's Institute meeting held in village hall (was church hall now leased to village community committee). I am on this committee representing Church. Act as secretary at W I (secretary away). I am also press secretary. Speaker arrives, talking about the Hereford - Powys - Radnor border; churches, Quakers, early Christianity. Enjoy refreshments, biscuits, dips, peppers, broccoli, bacon quiche. Lock away tables and chairs. Lock hall, go home.
  • W I at 7.30 in our church hall. Programme planning night. 14 members present and one new village lady came and will join us. We managed to full the months for the next year. A Welsh food evening. Visit to Brecon Cathedral and food afterwards; floral decorations; slides on Africa - some of the meetings. I was tea hostess with Gillian, just a cuppa and biscuits. Our competition was collect 100 names of animals - we didn't do too well! 3/20 was the highest, but we had a good laugh. We usually do at our meetings.

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