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Yn ogystal â chynlluniau elusennol a chrefyddol, roedd ysgrifenwyr y dyddiaduron yn cymryd rhan mewn cynlluniau eraill a fyddai yn ymwneud â chelfyddyd

St Mary's, Welshpool
St Mary's Church, Welshpool
  • Wrote 'Community Arts Review' script to record tomorrow for broadcast Sunday and Monday evening on Radio Maldwyn. Plugged the Concerts Coach that runs to Birmingham Symphony Hall from Shrewsbury, next weekend's concert in St Mary's Welshpool for Macmillan Cancer relief, Newtown ADS play next week (Agatha Cristie's 'A Murder is Announced'). Voluntary Arts Wales wants to start A Powys Arts Forum, free workshops run by Montgomery Community Drama Association (Youth Theatre and Lighting). Many interruptions, people still phoning to swap earthquake stories from last Sunday - we felt nothing!
  • Nôl i'r Hendre toc ar ôl 10 am i ddeall bod M__ wedi ffonio yn gwahodd Malcom a minnau i'r cyfarfod ger y capel yn yr Adfa prynhawn Sadwrn nesa i anrhydeddu M__ B__ ar ei lwyddiant yn ennill gwobr gyntaf dros Brydain Fawr am y fynwent fwyaf taclus yn y categori tair acer a hanner.

  • Attended committee meeting of the 'Hay Arts', where various 'arts' were discussed. Also coming events, Soiree Musicals (held Sept 1st at the Swan Hotel) Music and spoken word to be held Dec 6th at the Parish Rooms. Musical workshop, to include all ages, to be held on weekend after Hay Lit Festival and Flower Festival (still being held in St Mary's Church same week) being performed in St Mary's, June 6th - 8th.s
  • I was met by my mum and we went and bought train tickets from the station, as I'm going to Birmingham this Saturday. I'm a representative of Quaker Youth Theatre on the committee for the Leaveners a Quaker (religious) charity for music and drama in a creative and Quaker context. It is a committee meeting to discuss projects, finances, new posts etc. I was voted on the committee as one of three young Quaker representatives at a re-union met last year. I've been going to Quaker meeting since I was very young - about 3 - with my parents, and although I do not have any strong religious beliefs, I do agree with their core values of non-violence, that there is goodness or good in everyone and in equality and respect for all. The youth events are lots of fun, and I enjoy dance so going on Leaveners events is great.

  • Met a friend in town who brought us up to date on his new venture at Craig Y Nos Castle - putting on operas in the castle's beautiful old theatre on a regular basis.

  • As Chairman of Llangynidr Local History Society I was acting as site manager of an archaeological investigation in the supposed medieval village of Llangynidr - on Pesondy field.
    Illus. By Rob Davies

    September 24th was the penultimate day of a 3 ½ week dig, authorised by CADW and the National Parks.

    My role was to facilitate the work by co-ordinating resources - personnel and equipment - as well as being actively involved in trowel work; washing labelling and bagging artefacts found on site and subsequently restoring the excavated soil and turf at the end of the process. In the course of the day all of the above were carried out.

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