Gofal Iechyd

Rysetiau i Bobl Fethedig


Before cooking chop or fish for invalid, plunge the meat etc. into boiling water for 2 minutes. It prevents the gravy from escaping.

Dip cutlets or fish into a mixture of flour and water beaten to the thickness of cream: then roll in breadcrumbs and grill or fry.

Rysetiau wedi'u hysgrifennu â llaw ar gyfer coginio cytled i bobl sâl

Invalid Milk Pudding

½ pt milk ¾ oz cornflour
1 egg sugar to taste

If for solid 2 oz. to a pint. Custard ¾ oz to ½ pint. Boil the milk then add cornflour and cook until the pan is clean when tipped. Separate yolk of egg from white. Beat up yolk and to mix pour a little of the hot mixture to yolk first and then mix with rest. Pour into tumbler or dish. Whip white and put on top and serve.

Rysáit wedi'i ysgrifennu â llaw ar gyfer pwdin llaeth i rywun methedig.

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