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Alderman William Jones Thomas

William Jones Thomas had a distinguished past before becoming a county councillor for Breconshire when the council was first established in 1889.

Alderman Jones Thomas was born on 12th December 1839 and was educated at Harrow and then Sandhurst. He rose to the rank of Captain in the Dragoon Guards and was awarded a medal for service in the Indian Mutiny before retiring from the Guards in 1870. He commanded the Radnorshire Militia and then the combined battalions when the militia merged with Breconshire to become the Royal South Wales Borderers.

His father was vicar of Llanigon, Rev William Jones Thomas of Llanthomas, who was also a Justice of the Peace and wealthy landowner. There were eleven children in the family. One of his daughters, Fanny, was the object of the affections of Rev Kilvert, who later became a renowned diarist. He called her Daisy and asked to marry her. However, he was refused; as a curate, Kilvert was considered too lowly a match for the daughter of a landed family. Daisy never married. She died in 1928.

In 1891, Alderman Jones Thomas was living at Llanthomas in a house full of women:

1891 Census
Llanthomas, Llanigon
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
William Jones Thomas Head S 67 Col. Militia JP + ? Hereford Titley English
Grace C Jones Thomas Sister S 44 Living on own means Hereford Kington English
Charlotte A Jones Thomas Sister S 43 Living on own means Radnor Presteigne English
Edith B Jones Thomas Sister S 41 Living on own means Montgomery English
Frances E J Jones Thomas Sister S 38 Living on own means Radnor Old Radnor English
Hannah Watkins Servant S 35 Cook and domestic servant Radnor Glasbury English
Mary Lewis Servant S 38 Parlour maid Radnor Llanstephan English
Elizabeth Pugh Servant S 22 Ladies Maid Glamorgan Merthyr English
Fanny Morgan Servant S 31 Housemaid Radnor Byton English
Jessie Palmer Servant S 18 Kitchen maid Hereford Longtown English

He died at the age of 69 and the Llanigon Parish register records him as having been buried on 27th September 1909.

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