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Illus. By Rob Davies

Several diarists were abroad on holiday on September 24th, or were making plans to go.

  • On September 24th 2002 we went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida USA. We were holidaying with our friends and their children in a beautiful 6 bedroom villa with pool and jacuzzi. It was very hot (90°F) and we had a short rain shower. In the afternoon we went to the Islands of Adventure theme park. We went on lots of scary rides and saw some fantastic shows and parades. That night we bought huge pizzas and after tea whilst the children were asleep, we four swam in the pool and then relaxed in the jacuzzi. It was the holiday of a lifetime!! Can't wait to go again!!

  • On holiday in France. We visited the Pont du Gard - 2000 year old aqueduct. We saw signs of recent heavy flooding. Later we visited Nimes (by coach) an extremely smart city. We looked at the Amphitheatre, Roman Temple with excellent proportions and the Jardin do al Fontaine with views over the city. We lunched in a typical French restaurant - Salad vert, Blanquette de veau and desserts and wine (30 Euros for 2). We later returned to our hotel in Avignan where we enjoyed an excellent dinner - salad, duck and strawberries.

  • On holiday in Prague, Czech republic. After breakfast caught tram to Prague Castle then walked around castle gardens and St Vitus's, down the hill with wonderful views over the city with beautiful churches and palaces. Took a boat on the River Vlatva and enjoyed lunch on board. In the afternoon walked through Jewish Quarter with many old synagogues and on to the old town of Prague. After evening meal went to a folk song and dance evening.

  • I decided to book a holiday for my husband's birthday. As we are Timeshare Owners we can access information about the various resorts available via the world-wide web. Once a decision as to the preferred destination had been made (the Algarve in Portugal), a telephone call confirmed availability for the dates required and I was able to book not only the apartment in Portugal, but also the flights and car hire.

  • Prynu suitcase yn costio £17 gan ddyn â stondin ar y stryd, ar gyfer y siwrne i Dde Affrica ym mis Hydref. I'r Swyddfa Bost i brynu rands a chael 4000 ohonynt am £255.41.


A day in the life of a holidaymaker in Spain can be seen here.

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