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Machynlleth Town Hall

Farmer Giles, in two pieces
"Farmer Giles, in two pieces",
from an agent's flyer. For the complete flyer, click on the image

Powys County Archives

The Town Hall was built in 1873 to replace the old market hall in Penrallt Street, Machynlleth. Built and run by a private company, it had a market hall downstairs and an assembly room upstairs. Various entertainments were held there, as well as more serious civic and community meetings. It was demolished in 1968.

This flyer was enclosed with an agent's letter booking the hall for his artists.

120 Laughs in 120 Minutes!
"Col. Dyke The American Merry Maker"
Powys County Archives
Weird Magical Deceptions
"Weird Magical Deceptions and Novel Wizard Wonders"
Powys County Archives
Miss Lena Love's New Silent Thought Transmission
"Miss Lena Love (The Mysterious Lady)"
Powys County Archives
The Musical Nig’s
"The Musical Nig's"
Powys County Archives
The Cabalistic Chapeaux
"That Startling Seance of Fun and Art - The Cabalistic Chapeaux"
Powys County Archives
The Ventriloquial Phunny Pholks
"The Ventriloquial Phunny Pholks"
Powys County Archives

Another variety act which booked the hall was Tom Barger and his talented family.

Mr Tom Barger, Hilarity without Vulgarity
Mr Tom Barger, The Popular Comedian.
Flyer for appearances at the Royal Pier Pavilion, Aberystwyth

Powys County Archives

Theatrical agents like Baring Bros of Cheltenham promoted a wide range of acts which would tour small theatres like Machynlleth Town Hall. In the letter below, Mr Baring asks of the Town Hall Secretary:

"October 20th 1897

Dear Sir

I am obliged by you to hand. Please give me the first refusal of your hall for October 30th.

Is Saturday ditto good or bad night

Kindly (?) much obliged

Yrs f

E Baring"

Memo from Baring Bros
Letter from E Baring to Town Hall Secretary
Powys County Archives

The Town Hall also booked touring theatre companies and film shows.