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Various diarists were involved in clubs, sports and keep fit.

  • On Monday nights I go up to Rhayader for 7.30 where I am a member of Rhayader young Farmer's Club. I am also a keen flower arranger and will be entering the local show on Saturday.

  • Rugby. Brecon RFC training session.
    Brecon RFC AGM at club house.

  • Went to rugby training at 19.00 hrs at Brecon RFC. My position is second row. Finished at 21.00 hrs.

  • Illus. by Rob Davies
    After school I had girl's football. I scored a goal.

  • Today the kids ate at 4.15pm and as soon as my husband got in from work at 4.30pm my daughter was taken to Welshpool football academy at Welshpool football ground . . . my husband got back at 5.15pm and after his tea went to Newtown at 6pm for his Tai Chi class.
  • . . . will have tea prepared for me tonight. Will save it until I've been to yoga classes 8 -9.30pm in Sports Centre. Went to Aqua Aerobics there last night. Swimming for improvers tomorrow. All as part of getting my back into shape. Appears to be working too.

  • Welshpool Football Ground
    Welshpool Football Ground
    Golf club
    Playing golf
    Aqua aerobics - need my exercise class.

  • Up early and off for a swim - for me an enjoyable way to keep fit and to shut out all other thoughts than water and moving through it and emerging feeling light and positive.

  • 7.30am to 8.15am swam 1400metres. Went by car to public baths.

  • Rang other friends to see if they are all going to "keep fit" session at the local fitness suite tomorrow (Yes) Peter's pal rang to arrange a game of golf tomorrow so we will both be getting some good exercise.

  • Up at 7.45am. To golf club - seniors match, started 9am. Home for lunch after attending to golf club business.
  • At 10am I went to play a few holes of golf with friends, which was very enjoyable and at mid day half a dozen of us had a drink and a snack lunch in the club house. My golf wasn't brilliant but the exercise was good and the day was so lovely with the sky blue and the sun shining.

  • I went home to ride my pony. First of all I brushed my pony. He is a lovely dark bay colour. Then I tacked him up. Then I went for a lovely ride.

The diary of Jo Weale, Welsh Commonwealth medal winner can be seen here.


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