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South Wales Cricket Club
South Wales Cricket Club taken in July 1881 after their
victory over Marylebone Cricket Club and Ground
(otherwise known as Lord's)
Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery

The late nineteenth century saw most of the popular team sports of the modern day, such as cricket, football and rugby, established at club level.

The game of cricket had been in existence well before the Victorian era, although many of today's first class cricket clubs were only established in the nineteenth century. This photo shows the South Wales Cricket Club.

The players listed are:

Top row L-R: Pullen (umpire), Jno Lloyd, H Grace, C W Fryer, P Lloyd, E Grace, S H Belcher, Capt Lloyd.

Bottom row: G C Williams, Capt. Homfray, G Worthington

There were professional cricketers living in Powys at the time of the 1891 census. One lived in Brecon, although the letters "ex" had been pencilled in after his profession:

1891 Census
53 Watton, Brecon
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
John Gill Head M 38 Cricket Professional (ex) Leicestershire Mount Sorrell English
Emma H Gill Wife M 36   Leicestershire Silsby English
John E Gill Son S 16 Mechanic Leicestershire Mount Sorrell English
George C Gill Son S 15 Scholar Leicestershire Mount Sorrell English
Ernest H Gill Son S 14 Scholar Leicestershire Mount Sorrell English

Another team sport was rugby. The picture below is of the Christ College rugby team, Brecon, in about 1885.

Christ College Rugby Team
Christ College rugby team, c1885
Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery

Football was also popular. This photograph is of the private boys' school team from Traethllawn in Montgomeryshire.

Traethllawn Football Team
Traethllawn School football team
Powysland Museum and Montgomery Canal Centre

An older team from Brecon was photographed in around 1895.

Brecon Football Club
Brecon Football Club
Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery

There is more detailed information about the Newtown football team on a separate page.

However, there was also room for women's teams, as demonstrated in a picture of a ladies' gymnastics team from Brecon, detailed here.