A Young Man about Town: The Diary of W J Bufton


W J Bufton
William John Bufton

Friday, January 1
Stayed in house greater part of the day. rather unwell. Read the Public Health Act, got on fairly well. Had letter from Hope Edwards asking me to supper on the 4th as token of his wedding, too unwell to give definite reply as to going. Looked up sundry accounts to present for the finance committee of the Council on the 7th. Wrote Miller as to price of timber for information as guide to the Cefn Coed sale of timber. Fairly good day. Money spent (as gifts) 2/3.

Saturday 2.
Went out for the first time since the 21st Dec. having caught a severe cold on the lake skating. Confined to bed over Xmas. Posting up some of the cash book -re weights & measures. Made a strong determination to stick to work and pass Sanitary Institute Exam on the 8th Apr. Out little during the day.

Sunday 3
Got up about 12.30. Had dinner -cold day. Wrote F. in the afternoon. Went as far as the Post, had tea. Went to Chapel in the evening. Mr Williams preaching.

Monday 4
Inspecting Weights & Measures Llandrindod. Telegraphed Hope Edwards Rhayader too unwell to attend at the dinner. Spoke to James Red House about Penrhiw shooting & Holly Bryn & Disserth.

Wednesday 6
Went down to Kington testing weights & measures at the Police Station. Very rough day. Went down on the 1st train (1/8) Dinner and Tea 3/-. Heard from F. intending going to Hereford. Went to Theatricals after coming home at Parish Room. fairly good. Very boisterous night, wind high & snow.

Thursday 7
Went to Rhayader testing Weights & Measures. Due at 10 got there a quarter to 12. Had dinner at Lion. finished at 3.45 packed up and returned to Lion and started home about 5.30. Weather snowing terribly. Asked by Hope Edwards to stay over evening to football dinner given on account of his marriage. Consented to do so. took bottom of the table. After dinner retired to the smoke room. Sang two or three songs & responded to a toast to visitors which was coupled with my name with musical honours. Spent a pleasant evening, retired about 11.30. Had a conversation with the sergeant re lieutenant for Rhayader Corps. Telegraphed home on my deciding to stay.

Friday 8
Got up about 8.30 at Lion Hotel. Found on presenting myself at the door it to be very rough weather snowing heavily. Had breakfast. Went with Hope over the house. Saw his wedding presents which were really beautiful. Started for home about 11 o'clock. Paid Groom for feed etc. 4/-, gave Sarah 1/-. Got home 12.40 after a very rough journey. Got bills to submit to the finance com. of the R.C.C. for rooms £2.19.6.

Sunday 10
Got down about 12.30. Very cold day frost & snow very severe. Had letter from F. at Holmer. Went to School in the afternoon. took' tea at Belmont with Hughes & James & Jenkins. Went to chapel in the evening. Service conducted as church meeting.

Tuesday 12
Got down about 9.30. frost still continuing. Went up Llandrindod Hall in the afternoon. Ice very brittle on the lake and not safe. Came down through the wood with Wilkins, shot a couple of crows. Got home to tea about 5 o'clock. Hughes came and read his paper on Country Life which was very good. Had discussion re Isaac Newton. Went to bed 11 o'clock. Money spent 6d.

Wednesday 13
Got up about 9.30 apparent signs of a breakage in the frost. Went out after breakfast into the garden had a shot at some crows. Returned in the house and worked at cash book till dinner. After dinner went out & had another shot or two together with Hughes returned in the house. Wrote F. Went & had a smoke in the dining room with Rev. Williams.

Victorian gent

Thursday, January 14
Got up about 8.15 a.m. frost very severe. Went by 9 a.m. train to Brecon to consult Williams re report & other technical points. Went to his office. Watched him on duty for some time returned with him to dinner, consulted all the points I had noted down. Returned back to the office Went up to the Wellington, met Morgan Auctioneer. Had a game of billiards with him and a chat. Heard the report of the Duke of Clarence's death, who expired 9.15 a.m. at Sandringham from influenza and pneumonia, Drs Broadbent, Laking & Manby attending him, also Cardinal Manning. Went & had tea with Williams & returned home by 8.30 p.m. train.

Friday 15
Got up about 8.30 frost most severe. Met 9 am train, got paper to get report of the Duke's death. Went down & had a shave & viewed furniture on sale by W R Morgan at the Market Hall. Had a letter from F. Posting up cash book during the remainder of the day with the exception of about half an hour when I rode as far as Howey & inspected pint & earthenware measures with Powell. Decided to apply for sand blast machine - all illegal that I saw, but pass it over this time.

Saturday 16
Got up about 9 o'clock. Went out into the garden shot a crow. Wrote F. Jones from Ferndale came by 4 train. Remained in the house rest of day. Played drafts with Jones beat him 3 games.

Sunday 17
Got up about 12 o'clock had dinner. Received letter from F. Went to school in the afternoon & chapel in the evening. Rev Ernest Jones, Rhayader preached from Mark 12, 35th verse. Frost still severe.

Tuesday 19
Got up about 9 o'clock. Frost breaking. Got out particulars and conditions of sale in the morning for "Cefn-coed Timber Sale" which was offered today for sale at the Bridge Hotel, but was withdrawn at £250, Williams Builth being the highest & which was private, the highest at the auction was £240 bid by the man like Harrison Moore gave 6 bottles wine. Return home about 4.30. Went with Hughes and had 2 games billiards - each being equal. Got home about 8.30.

Wednesday 20
Had a letter from Flo. After breakfast went up to the hill. They are thrashing the oats there. Met Owen Owens, asked me to go shooting with him - sent home by Tommy for gun and 18 cartridges from Scandretts, went Dolberthog and Llanwrithol hunting a fox, failed to put him up. Shot at a rabbit or two. Went to Ridgebourne about 1 o'clock. Had some lunch bread & cheese, sausages, Pudding and Beer. went out Llandrindod Hall Bog and I killed a couple of snipe. Went out around Llwyncribron saw a pheasant but had little chance to kill. Got back to Ridgebourne about 7 o'clock. Hadn't finished thrashing. Snow still on ground. Money spent 3/9. Duke of Clarence Buried at St. George's Chapel Windsor.

Friday 22
Got up about 8.30 County Council Meeting. Went up there about 10 o'clock. Applied for rent of offices but failed to get them granted. Sent in my report. The model regulations were adopted and sealed by the Council -sand blast machine was not settled, as to my having it.

Saturday 23
Got up about 8.30. Went to test cart machine in the quarry, was 9 pounds out in the centre. Rejected it. Paid to Breeze for transit of weights 2/-. In the afternoon tested a platform machine of Mr A G Coates and stamped it.

Sunday 24
Had a letter from F. Got up about 10 o'clock. beautiful morning. went to chapel. After went for a walk round the lake, James being along. In the afternoon went for a stroll up round the quarry. Got home to tea then went down to the Post Office - had supper with them. Arranged to go with them to Tenby in March.

Monday 25
Got up about 9, beautiful morning. Went out to Cefn Coed and viewed the timber. Wrote 2 or 3 letters after post -went and had a game of billiards with Davies, he beating me in a 50 up by 2 or 3.

Tuesday 26
A damp day, the frost breaking. In the morning I verified & adjusted some more weights pertaining to Mr Arthur Coates & tested two scales which were stamped. Spoke to Hughes saddler about carriage reins. Wrote Dr Richardson as to having the hounds down here for a while -vouching to keep them well & pay and lodge the man. Went out to "Three Wells" when Edwards came and showed me the land purchased from Hughes,. subsequently part of Llwyncoibren Farm. Went and had a game of billiards with Hughes beat him to 50. Got home about 8.30. Maggie went to Hereford.

January 27th Wednesday
Got up about 9.30 -very rough morning raining heavily. In afternoon took leggings to saddler. Had a little boxing with Langford. Went out about an hour at 7.30. Went to the debate. Subject: Has novel reading a moral tendency? Upholder of the subject carried by 13 to 8.


Friday 29
Got up about 9 o'clock. Read the papers. Went Into the Public Health department. Met the 12.30 train. Went inspecting Mrs Griffiths Cross Gates, Grocer, Mr James Ironmonger Penybont, Mrs Price Grocer Penybont, Mr Thomas The Shop Penybont, The Severn Arms Hotel. Got home about 5.30. Had tea then wrote 3 letters and went to post. Called in with Evans. Stayed there until 10 o'clock when I retraced my steps homewards having spent a very jolly hour or two. First ambulance class at the reading room conducted by Dr F H Roberts. Promised Ethel to take her for a ride as far as the Hundred House.

Saturday 30
Weather rough & stormy and raining profusely. W. Bufton a cousin of father's from Chicago USA called. I took him around the Pump and Park and came home and had dinner. In the afternoon intended making an inspection at Newbridge but cut it rather short and went on to Builth to witness the football match between Builth v. Rhayader for the Herefordshire Cup -the former won by 2-1. Play in favour of the latter. Got home about 5.30. Wrote some letters and went to post. Called on Mr Evans stayed until 12 o'clock. Very enjoyable evening warmed up by a theological discussion.

February 2nd Tuesday
Came down about 9 o'clock and had breakfast at ½ past. Hughes had dinner with me. In the afternoon went to see Moore Cefn Coed re timber. In the evening went to the Bridge. Had a hand of Whist. Got beat 2 games to 1. Came home about 10.30. Jennie came home. Brought me a hat 6/6.

Thursday 4
Got up about 8.30. In the afternoon went across to Newbridge on an inspection making surprise visits. Evening couple of letters to the post. Stayed there having a chat with Evans, Ethel & Mrs Evans. Got home about 11.30.

Friday 5
Went to Gwalia. Was called in by the photographer and had photo taken as I was. Went and had my two front teeth topped with gold. Went as far as Howey and made an inspection.

Saturday 6
In the afternoon went on an inspection to Nantmel and Gwystre. Wrote some letters and went to post and stayed there until 12 o'clock. Ethel most amusing in male costume, has wonderful miming capabilities, quite a little actress, was really good as "old un". I quite enjoyed it. retired about 12.15.

Sunday 7
Got up about 12.30. Went to chapel in the evening.

Monday 8
Working all morning. Evening went to the Rock had a game of billiards with Hughes called in the reading room as returning had a game of whist. Went in with Harper sat there talking till 3 o'clock a.m. subject "The instincts of natural law". Got to bed about 3.10 a.m., a lovely night.

Tuesday 9
Got up 8.30. beautiful morning. Cooking lessons commenced at Belmont - nice assortment of female beauty passing. Settled the office in the morning. Went to post later, afterwards called in with Harper, had supper with him. Tried over several songs and selected on ones suitable to myself. He instructed me how to play "cribbage". Got on fairly well at it. Sat and chatted away till 12 a.m. subject "miscellaneous".

Wednesday 10
Got up about 9.15 beautiful mild morning first thing done I completed filling in my diary. Went down to the barbers & had shave. Went through voting register in the afternoon re C.C. Wrote some letters and went In to the Post Office. Had a long talk. Started home about 12 o'clock then went in to Harpers & stayed there until 3 o'clock.

Thursday 11
Got up about 9 started for Radnor at 10. Got to Gore Quarry about 2. Stamped the cart machine there pertaining to the Old Radnor Co. Returned from there to Dolyhir got there about 3 o'clock. Went up with the clerk there and inspected the "explosive magazine". Found it in fairly good condition, then returned and stamped the Cart machine - but was much out of order. Called at Stanner. Saw Mrs Morgan and Miss James had tea. Got to Presteigne about 9 p.m. Stayed at the Duke's Arms.

Saturday 13
Got up about 9 o'clock. Called in 2 or 3 shops in the town. Persuaded to go to Leominster and play football for them. Jones and I went down in Brake and returned with 6 train to Titley and was met there with trap. A good match. Score 2 goals each. Got to Presteigne 10 past 7. Started for home about 8.30. Got home 10.35.

Sunday 14
Very stiff when rising quite fagged out. beastly rough morning, remained in doors most all day. went to Chapel in the afternoon.

Monday 15
Builth Fair. Went by 9 train. canvassed 2 or 3. Returned by mid-day train. To post in evening had a nice chat.

Tuesday 16
Lecture in the assembly rooms on agriculture by Professor Parry Aberystwyth "Manures and Manuring". Went to Sharples and had camera & lens, tripod stand & 30 slides and bag. Attended lecture in evening as above, very edifying interesting and simple. Bought a book on deductions and comparisons. Went down to Post Office had a chat. Called in with Harper Robert Davies, Edwards & myself played whist - former and latter partners. we won by 1 game. Got home about 2.30 a.m.

Wednesday 17
Stayed in the morning at office work. In evening called in the station was there till about 9 o'clock. Weather very rough. took 2 or 3 photographs - a total failure the whole lot.

Thursday 18
S.G. came up about mid-day to take our photographs took Stan in the office and he took father who was going to Llandewy.


Friday, February 19
Got up about 9 o'clock. A special meeting of the Council was ordered and met - the last of the old Council -went up there. "Draft Education Scheme" rescinded which was the chief motion. Weather very rough, snowing and drifting terribly. Posted up diary. In the afternoon went to post, stayed there 3 or 4 hours, had a chat with Evans and Mrs Evans. Extremely rough night. Got home about 12 o'clock and went to bed.

Saturday 20
Got up about 9.30. Wrote re permission to erect posting board in the Council's field opposite our house. Went to the Reading Room In the afternoon. Wrote Jenkins Knucklas, Hopton Presteigne for list of traders in their districts. Went to post and stayed until 12.30. Mabel was not down. Invited to dinner on Sunday and accepted it.

Sunday 21
Got up about 12.30. Had letter from F. Went down to the Post Office. Had dinner -turkey -which I very much enjoyed. Stayed to tea and supper. Conversation miscellaneous. Left about 11.30 after spending a most enjoyable day.

Monday 22
Got up about ¼ to 9. Went down about 12 to fetch Ethel. Started on our ride over the hill. Called at Noyadd first, then on past Danygraig and Cwmgwyn. Commenced raining heavily. Sheltered in old barn at Baileyeinon. Went on to Cwm-brith. put up there and had tea. Got home about 6. Took Ethel down and brought Punch back.

Tuesday 23
Up about 8.30. Met 9 am train. Weather fine but thunder about. 11 o'clock to Old Hall. Took Inventory of Sale of Mr Griffith's Goods. I had a little lunch with him. Started from there about 4 and got home about 5 or a little afterwards. Wrote three letters and to the Post Office. Called in there and had a nice long talk with the family until it was full time to depart. Got home about 11.30 p.m. All in bed but myself. Money spent during the day 1/3.

Wednesday 24
Got up about 8.30 weather dry. In the morning wrote for registers of voters on the County Council for Llandrindod & Cefnllys. In the afternoon called at Crabtree Green and other places re their votes. Went up the reading room had a game of Knapp, then went and spent the evening along with Harper & talked and had a long argument over Home Rule. Went to bed about 12.

Thursday 25
Got down stairs about the usual time. Got into sundry work tidying up the office then in the afternoon took a photograph of mother and one of the horse. After post time I went down to the station stayed until 9 then went up to the reading room. Had a game of drafts with Jack Lewis until 10 when we came out together and he asked me into the house for a few minutes which I did.

Sunday 28
Got down about 12. J Stayed in the house during the afternoon. Had letter from F. I went to Chapel in the evening. Met Mr Evans as coming so I went in there. Had supper and spent the evening pleasantly.

Tuesday, March 1
Got up about 8.30. About the office all morning. In the afternoon went up to the Noyadd to see Griffiths and across to Llanwrithol. Promised Mr Evans to call for him and go to the concert. He came with me. "Slightly Spring". I went in there afterwards and enjoyed 2 or 3 hours more amusement. Ethel was very jolly in her male attire. It was 12 o'clock at night when I departed after having during the evening laughed heartily. Money spent 2/6.

Thursday 3
Got up about 9 o'clock. Saw to a few letters' in the morning. In the afternoon strolled about saw some few people. Did not do very much else - too good for nothing. Had a letter from F and wrote a postcard to her. Went down to the Post Office in the evening and spent 2 or 3 hours there which livened me up immensely Mrs E so nice and jolly returned home about 12 o'clock.

Saturday 5
Got up about 9.30. Felt rather down. Went across to the Bridge about 10.30 - stayed there an hour and a half. Beautiful day. Father drove Knighton footballers to Rhayader. I went in afternoon to Cross Gates, rode down in Evans Waterloo's trap. Saw football match -Vron versus Llandewy -the former won 2 goals to nil. Played under Llanbadarn. We got home about 6. I went down to supper, had 2 bottles "fizz". Stayed talking until 3 a,m.

Sunday 6
Got up about 11.30 had dinner. Went in the afternoon for a walk as far as Lovers Leap. Spent a pleasant evening.

Monday 7
Got up about 9 o'clock wrote some letters, 2 or 3 sale bills. Then got out 2 or 3 bills from the ledger in the afternoon. Towards evening I did not do very much. Went as far as the reading room, reading an article or two in the Mail, then went down and had a game of billiards with S.E. - he won. I then came home & got in the house about 9.30 - stayed talking with father & mother some time.

Tuesday 8
Got up about 8.30 weather fine but keen air in the morning. In the afternoon about 3.30 I went down to the Lovers Leap equipped as travelling photographers. Stanley went with me. I took 2 photographs only of the lovers leap and one of Stan, legs bare standing in the river focusing some unknown object. Mrs E & M came down about the same time for a walk so I returned up with them. Called in about 7.30 after having written some letters & had a complete change of toggery.

Wednesday 9
Got up about 9 o'clock. The outside world had been visited during the night with a heavy fall of snow. Started for Newbridge in the morning. Went and inspected machines at station, Powell Grocer, Royal Oak, Crown and Lion. Stayed in the office in the afternoon. Went to Bebbs about 5. Met Stanley. Went into the drawing room. Had a cup of tea with Mrs E & Mabel then had a nice little chat in the twilight. Started up about 7 for my letters. Came back down and went and played Nap. Ethel & in male outfit. Ethel looked well & acted with remarkable genius combined with wit, really laughed myself weak. She kept on going till 12. I then retired after a most enjoyable evening. Mr Evans went to his dark room and developed the negatives.

Sunday March 13:
Got up about 10 o'clock. Went to Chapel in the morning and afterwards went for a short walk before dinner. Stayed in the house in the afternoon and went to Chapel in the evening.


Monday 14
Wrote out a fresh Conditions of Sale for Glandwr property having failed to get the old ones returned from Peters. Went down to Tycanol re measurements of fields at Llwyncoibren. Called in at the Reading Room perusing the W. Graphic. Got home about 10 o'clock and went to bed about 10.30.

Wednesday 16
Sale of Glandwr at Walsh Arms Llandewy Got up about 8.30. Beautiful and fine morning. After writing one or two letters we started for Llandewy. Got there about 2 o'clock. Held the sale at Walsh Arms. Not a great many people there. Commenced the sale about 3 p.m. The property was started at £100 and was knocked down at the sum of £175 to John Davies of Llwyn. Got the contract signed and started back. Evening had a game of billiards at Rock.

Thursday 17
Got up about 9 o'clock beautiful day. Went to Newbridge, inspected 4 shops there - Powell Post Office, Davies Corner Shop and the small one adjoining & Davies and Sons. Got back home about 4 o'clock. Spent the evening at the Post Office. Very jolly evening.

Friday 18
Finished correcting the letters in the morning. Started out about 12.30 on an inspection. Called upon Davies Cavageh Mill, Powell Grocer Nantmel, Mrs Evans Nantmel, Morgan Gwystre, Morgan Halls Mill. Got back about 6.30. Had a game of billiards in the evening.

March 19
Beautiful day. Father went up to New House Sale, Llanbister. I worked in office.

Sunday 20
Got up about 9 o'clock Went to Chapel in the morning. Afternoon drove to Month's End at Penybont after Mrs Boulter. Got back about 5.30. Went to the Post Office and walked over to Llanyre church. Went back and had supper with them.

Monday 21
Went and surveyed four fields at Llwyncoibren which are being taken to by Edwards Tycanol. Then went and took inventory of goods at Mrs Bradford's. Had a game of billiards in evening.

Tuesday 22
Got up about 8 o'clock. To Old Hall Inn. Got there about 12.30 had some lunch and commenced the sale finished about 6.30. Had a fair sale. Not any good things there. Got home about 9.30. I went as far as the Bridge and returned in the house about 12 O'clock, and went to bed. Jolly tired.

Wednesday 23
Got up about 8.30. Father went with my horse over to Franksbridge. Beautiful day. I got Rev. Williams' pony and went to Rhayader with the intention of seeing Wood. Had dinner at the Lion then drove up with Hope Edwards to Cenfaes sale. Came down about ½ past 3 and started home about 5. Came to Nantmel with Miss Hamer and sent her part of the way home. Got home about ¼ past 7. Down to the Post Office.

Thursday 24
Got up about 8 worked in the office in the morning at sundry things. Went down about 12.30 to the Sale at Park Terrace. No people there scarcely. Didn't commence until 2 or after. Very up hill sale and slow bidding. Kept us selling until 8.30. Went home, had supper, counted the cash. Had a chat with father over different things and went off to bed about 10.30 fairly tired.

Friday 25
Got up about 9 o'clock went down to Park Terrace to settle up morning after sale. Got back home about 12.30 had some lunch and went over to Brynffyn Sale Llanyre. Met Mabel and Ethel by little Bridge. The day was beautiful and fine. Got home about 8 o'clock. Went to Reading Room to see Daily Graphic then down to the Post Office. Home about 11.30.

Saturday 26
Went down by first train to Builth Road and went by special to Hereford to watch football match with Rhayader for final of Cup. The former won by 3 to 1. Arthur met us with trap at Newbridge about 10.20.

Sunday 27
Got up about 11 o'clock. went for a walk around the lake. a wet day. Spent the evening at the Post Office. Had a jolly good romp with Mabel Ethel and Miss H. Home 12.

Monday 28
Got up about 8.30 set to work to balance Sales. Posted up Park Terrace sale, sent out some bills & wrote 2 or 3 letters. Went across to the Bridge & had a game of whist. Got home about 10. Had a chat with father and then went to bed.

Tuesday 29
Got up about 8.30. tested pint measure for Mrs Davies Crossing. Got out 2 sale bills in the morning. Paid Albert Mason for brake to Rhayader re football match 10/-. Took 2 or 3 photographs. Went down after writing letters to the Post Office. Had a nice chat and a game of Knapp. Went home about 11 o'clock.

Wednesday 30
Got up about 9 o'clock. Father went to Rhayader. Wrote out a couple of conditions of sales of Glandwr and forwarded to Morgan Llanidloes. Collected some of the sale bills pertaining to Park Terrace sale. Sent letters to the Post and went down as far as the Rock. Came home about 10.30. and went to bed.

Thursday 31
Sale of Blacksmith's tools etc at Hernog House, Cross Gates. Father went to the sale and I worked in the house in the morning. In the afternoon I started up about 2.30 to Cefnllys intending to take 2 or 3 views and took one of the bridge, 2 of the church and one of Stanley. They all came out in the developing badly. Wrote 2 or 3 letters for post and went down and spent a very pleasant evening at the Post Office and got to bed about 12.30 a.m.

Friday, April 1
Got up about 8.15 tidied up the office then went and white-washed or rather whitened the kitchen ceiling, gave it two coats. Wrote a lot of posters re Ethel House sale for distribution through the post. Met 7.30 train. Went up to the Reading Room read the Times & 2 other local papers. Had 2 or 3 games of drafts with Lloyd and Barnett. Won again.

Saturday, April 2
Got up about 8 o'clock. Tested a steelyard for Tom Matthews and stamped it. Then straightened in kitchen and hung bacon. Went down to see football Llandrindod v. Rhayader. Met the Post Office family there. Went home with them and took tea and then strolled over Llandrindod Hall and down by Bachygraig.

Writing and posting

Sunday 3
Got up about 10.30 beautiful weather. Went to Chapel in the morning and in the afternoon stayed indoors. Went down to the Post Office about 5. Took a walk over to Llanyre with them. Got home about 8. Sat out on the balcony for half an hour or more with Mabel and Mrs E. Spent a most enjoyable day. Got home about 12.

Monday 4
Got up about 9.15. Went over to Llanyre and Llanfihangel. Got back about 11.30. Went up to the hill with Arthur after some oats and straw. Lewis Talcoed came after bills. Gave him 30 to 40. Met the 8.30 train. Went as far as the Reading Room and got in about 9.30 and went to bed.

Tuesday 5
Got up about 8.15. Whitened the back kitchen and pantry ceilings. Finished by 1 o'clock. Went across to hear he declaration of Local Board Poll which was declared about 3. Charles Owen 162. Went and got horse shod, wrote letters and went to post. Called in about 8.15. Maggie was there and had a chat in the sitting room. Got home about 11.30.

Wednesday 6
Got up about 8.30. Beautiful morning. Sat in the office and drew out list of tradespeople in 3 or 4 stations. After dinner went in the office and wrote lists of weights & measures tradespeople. Went down to post. Met Mrs Evans went and looked over Melrose garden then through the house. Went up to the Post Office on to the Balcony. Had a short chat with M who is really very nice. Went down to the sitting room and had a long chat with Mr & Mrs Evans. Subjects various. Got home about 11.30.

Thursday 7
Got up about 8 o'clock. Charming morning. Went across to Nantmel Vicarage in the morning. Ethel went with me riding "B..." Went round by Gwystre. Had a slight replenish of the inner man there, came round to Llanbadarn Bridge and on to Trelowgoed Mill. Put the horses in there and walked on to the "Alpine Bridge". Lit a fire there to bring up circulation and after viewing its environments returned to the Mill, where through the hospitality, of Mr Davies we partook of a glass of milk and took our departure, lading home about3 o'clock
after having spent a very enjoyable morning. Had dinner then worked in the office till 7.15. Went down and met the 7.30 train. As coming away met Mabel and Ethel and went for a walk out round the lake and as far as the Mantrapp, Howey. Got in about 9 o'clock. Enjoyed my walk immensely. Chatted till 11.30 when I returned home. Spent a most pleasant day.

Friday 8
Sale of household furniture at Dolau. Mr Edward James at 3 o'clock. Father went down alone. I worked in the office in morning and afternoon and went out to Llanyre in the evening. Met Mabel and Ethel by lower road signal box and went for a walk round to Llanyre Bridge and up to the Vicarage returned back about 9 o'clock having spent a most enjoyable evening, it being beautiful and fine.

Saturday 9
Sale Mrs Bradford's furniture at 1 o'clock. Sold on the ground and in the Market Hall finished by 6 o'clock. Went to see Mrs Bradford about 7.30 then went to the Post Office stayed until 11.20 and spent a pleasant evening. Paid Mrs Bowen washing 10/-.

Sunday 10
Got up about 8 o'clock beautiful morning. Went and took the waters. In the afternoon went with Mother for a stroll as far as the lake. Came back had tea. Went down about 5.30 to the Post Office and walked to Llanyre. Got back about 8.20 then sat on the balcony and had supper then good long chat with Mrs E, Mabel and Ethel.

Monday 11
Got up 8 o'clock. Went to the Pump and took the waters. Took the 9 train to Builth with Bill of Sale and affidavit - adjourned till morrow. Came back by 3.18 train having to wait for a fresh bill of sale being drawn out. Wrote 2 or letters. Money spent during the day 2/9. Went down to the Rock and had a game of billiards with Stanby and he beat me. Got home and went to bed about 10 o'clock.

Wednesday 13
Got up about 9 o'clock. very cold morning and a slight fall of snow. Father and myself drove to Rhayader getting there about 12 o'clock. Father went down to the board and I went out on an inspection. Called at 7 or 8 places then met Powell and went in and had a drink opposite the lock up, then went to another. Got back to the Lion and had cold fowl and champagne. Left him and went back to the Burrows about 4.30. Started back about 5. Got home about 7.15. Went down to the Post Office and made arrangements for our departure for Tenby .in the morning by the 9 a.m. train. Wished them good night and got home about 11.30.

Thursday 14
Got up 7 o'clock. Packed and prepared for our departure for Tenby. Sent my paraphernalia to the Station and met Mrs E, Mabel and S down there. Left by 9 a.m. train and arrived in Carmarthen about 12.30. Went to the Ivy Bush Hotel where we had lunch. After that we out to visit the town and its environments. Passing to the north east of the town we came across a small winding water course, by the side of which lay a path. We followed the path by the side of the stream, amidst a glorious sunshine of charming surroundings, to its extremity then returned back. Went down through the principle streets of the town. Having an hour or so till the train was due we took another road to the west for a long walk, returning in nice time to the station, meeting Mr E and Ethel who came by the 4 train. We all secured a carriage to ourselves and the train then steamed out of the station to Tenby. Having waited at Whitland for an hour we got to our journey's end about 10 o'clock. From the station we went to the Esplanade at which place Mrs E had secured apartments and after having partaken of a good supper we adjourned to the courtyard there to picture the prettiest sight I ever witnessed. The moon (full) casting its rays upon the sea, to describe it I will not attempt, but it was a treat that I shall ever remember. I got to bed about 12 having spent a very pleasant day.

By the seaside

Friday 15
Got up about 9 o'clock, had breakfast at 9.30 with Mr and Mrs E, M, Ethel and S. Enjoyed my breakfast very much. Went out about 11 down to the north shore - where Mabel and myself separated from the others. From there we went down towards the cemetery and passed down another road and where we next went to I cannot say, "the East End certain to be". On our return home we met several others. After taking of a hearty dinner I lay down very composedly in "Mrs Lockbands arms" and felt as if I were in wonderland. After tea we went down towards Gylter Pt. I went out without a coat and felt a little chilly after returning. M & S kindly went and fetched Mrs Evans who took my temperature, which was normal. Mr Evans went to bed and we other sat up and played cards till 11.20 then sat and chatted until 12. I then retired to bed.

Saturday 16
Got up about 9 am. Had breakfast then went out to the town. Called and had a shave then went down to the beach. Then went with Mrs Evans and Mabel to see about going for a drive. Had lunch about 1 o'clock then we all went for a drive as far as Manorbier. Went to the castle and went inside and took a view of the interior and exterior. Spent about 20 minutes there looking around the castle which was really most interesting and well worth a careful observation. The walls are in good preservation, having undergone but few changes other than those worked by time and give you a distinct idea what a Norman residence was really like. It is situated about 5 miles from Tenby. We went through the village and finally came back over the ridgeway, getting home after a most delightful drive at about 4.30. Then Mabel and myself went down to the beach and along to Giltar point, returning home to dinner about 6 o'clock when I replenished the inner man and felt much better after my outing. IN the evening Mabel and myself went for a walk through the town accompanied for part of the way with S & E who left us further on. In the house about 10 after having thoroughly enjoyed my walk. Sat up and chatted till 11.40 and to bed.

Sunday 17
Got up about 9.30 and went down and joined the others at breakfast. Went to Church - Mrs E, Mabel, Stanley and myself at 11 o'clock. Had a very nice hot dinner at 12.30. Wrote a postcard and went to post together with Stanley and then went for a short stroll as far as the docks and got back about 3.15. Posted up some of my diary. Mrs E, E and M came back, then M, myself and Mrs E went down as far as the Point. Got back about 6. Had tea. Mabel and myself went out for a long walk about 7.30, arriving home about 10 o'clock. I spent an exceedingly pleasant evening and ever so much more nice. Got in about ¼ to 11. Then fed the sugar into the fire and kindled the flame, blissful joy - those cold feet of ours. We chatted till 12 o'clock.

Monday 18
Got up about 9. Stanley and I went out to the docks to enquire into the details as regards the Steamer arriving from Llanelly. Got back in about 11 o'clock when we met them on the way. Mr and Mrs Evans, M and E then went on to the Castle Hill and after Stanley and I had gone to the house we followed. The Steamer appeared anchoring about 300 yards from the docks. We took a boat out to it with the intention of having a coast sail, but being the only passengers going we turned back. Got in the house about 1 o'clock and had dinner. Mrs E and Ethel went to the sports. Mabel and myself lounging by the window, having inwardly digested a heavy dinner - and thus taking an advantage of it - when indulging in a pleasant chat and all the enjoyments of a charming afternoon, a lovely sea view and above all the company. I was disturbed from all its charms through a telegram. Never shall I forget the feeling of disappointment which then came over me. I afterwards went and sent a telegram and then had a game of billiards and later went to the Circus and enjoyed myself. Then on returning home M and I went for our extra walk. Oh it was sweet.

Tuesday 19
Got up about 6 o'clock, also Stanley. Put my uniform on and went out to be greeted with a charming atmosphere, calm sea and delightful prospect. Full of mirth we landed down at the docks, seeming in the distance no other than the famous celebrity of a British Seaman. We took a boat and rowed about 4 miles out into the sea, which was really beautiful. Having gone a distance sufficient to satisfy our intense craving for the ocean, we cast our nets into the sea - for by this time we were fishermen - but alas our hopes were disappointed. A little shrimp with its many friends snatched the bait from off the lines and the hook left clear without a strain. I handed the empty thing back again and at last succeeded in capturing a very fine fish, which surely weighed 3 oz - if not more - and having succeeded thus far, in case of getting worse luck, I turned my head towards home again landing in the house about 9.30, but to my utter and deplorable disappointment a telegram requested my presence at home which thus marred the prospect of an enjoyable day, separating me from friends I regretted to leave. Alas, a disappointment. I went out with Mabel and Ethel into the town and from there to the station, where I was reluctantly parted with them, having spent as nice a holiday as I ever did, if not more so. I got home 4.18. Rode to Builth and called at Vaughan and Vaughan re affidavit. Got home about 7.15. Wrote a letter and then went to post. Then went for a long stroll by myself thinking of the jolly party I had left in Tenby. Went to bed about 10, my mind full of all the events of the last few days.

Wednesday, April 20
Got up about 9 o'clock and once again viewed the atmosphere enjoyed in Llandrindod Wells. It was not a particularly nice day - drizzling rain. Went in the morning up the hill & surveyed some of it, taking Teddie with me -he seemed to manage it very well. Got back to dinner. In the afternoon looked over Mrs Bradford's a/c and also Bebbs. He came in about 3 and I settled up the sale a/c with him and stuck off a balance sheet of same. Wrote a couple of letters for post, posted them and then went for a walk by myself out in the suburbs of the place. Got into bed about 10 o'clock and had a good night's rest.


Thursday 21
Got up about 8.30. Went down the crossing in the morning and came up and settled Bevan Bryngroes's a/c which took some time. Went in the afternoon to Mr Sharples Sale at the Photographers Studio. Finished about 3 o'clock. Had tea, then wrote a couple of letters when I strolled off for a walk. There my thoughts wandered a great deal towards one particular spot & there were they concentrated. Met the 8.30 train when Mr & Mrs Evans and Stanley came home. I then enquired after the welfare of the solitary two left behind. Went on to the house had supper and chatted until 11.30 when I came home, not to sleep though for some time, but at last it came and the day was thus spent.

Friday 22

Council minutes
County Council Minutes
County Council Minutes
Entries from the County Council Minutes

Got up about 8 o'clock Paid over to father money for Mrs Bradford's a/c. Wrote out answer for submitting to the Council. Went up to the Council Meeting. 1st question re place of meeting of the Council finally settled that it should be held alternately with Knighton and Llandrindod. My affair came on then with regard to my age. All officials reporters and the public were excluded and when I responded with my explanation to C.C. Rogers's question I retired for the verdict. The suspense of same upon my feelings are better left silent than concentrated upon. I was however called in and I then put my resignation before the Council. Penry Lloyd immediately proposed that it be accepted and C C Rogers seconded it. Thus the long spoken of gossiped subject and anticipated event wound up having undoubtedly given a feeling of intense gratification to some of my assumed well wishers and Christian acquaintances and impressed upon my mind a feeling towards them which time never can obliterate, but with the help of providence such reminiscence will only act as a far greater stimulant to my poor ambition that I may ere very long show them that their obliged servant has still left within him a little of that most essential propensity and the function of which is manifested in the phenomena of thought and mental emotion -namely Brains, which I am afraid some of the aforementioned make sluggish use of provided they have any, and if so it must be very limited.

Saturday 23
Got up about 9 o'clock. Went into the office and worked on sundry things.

Walking on the beach

Went down and met the midday train. Went and read my paper then went for a walk by myself around the lake. Wrote 2 or 3 letters for the post and called in there. Chatted with Mr & Mrs E (Mabel & Ethel getting on in Tenby splendidly & getting fine weather). Chatted over different little things. Asked down tomorrow to dinner being Mr E's 50th birthday. Went home about 11 o'clock.. Bought some fishing tackle and a pipe for Mr E.

Sunday 24
Got up about 10 o'clock. fine day. Went to chapel in the morning then went at 1.30 to dinner at Post Office which I heartily enjoyed. After that Mr & Mrs E & myself chatted round the fire about different topics, had tea and continued our speech-making. I read to Mrs E Tennyson's 'Sea Dream'. Had supper. chatted until 11. The 3 lady assistants were there.

Monday 25
Got up about 8.30. Fine morning. Tested a couple of scales belonging to Evans Nantmel stamped the both. Wrote Mr Hoskins re coaching me for the Sanitary Institute Exams at Cardiff on the 8th and 9th of July. Sent him PO for 15/- being half of the fee (12/6) plus 2/6 towards books. Called in at Vronheulog on coming from Tycanol. Davies not at home. On going in the evening to post called in and asked how the (2 orphans) were getting along. She heard from the both who were getting on capitally. Got home about ½ past 9 and read for an hour.

Tuesday 26
Got up about 9 o'clock had a letter from Wood re resignation. Tested a spring balance for Mr R Morgans Rhayader which I rejected and sent by 4 train for him. In the afternoon I went down to the Post Office & bought a line (3/-). Heard how the girls were getting on. Then went down to fish by the Lovers Leap. Drew the stream away as far as Rhydllyndu for only catching 4 small ones. Got back about 7.30 o'clock. Had my supper went & settled with Wilding re note for £100 drew cheque for £103.00.3 which included interest. Got to bed about 10 o'clock.

Wednesday 27

PC Vaughan
PC Vaughan

Got up about 8 o'clock weather wet. Got out a bill of furniture sale at "Kings Head" took a photograph of P.C. Vaughan.Went down by mid-day train to Knighton. Saw Oldbury. Called on Verdon and had a long chat with him. Caught 3.24 train back to Llandrindod. Wrote some letters. Went down to see Mrs Evans if she had heard from Mabel & Ethel & how it was in Tenby. Mrs Evans was rather put about. Small pox being in Pembroke, she wired the girls to come home. I went home about 10.30. Read for an hour or two. Had my first lesson from Hoskins re notes on sanitary science.

Thursday 28
Got up about 8 o'clock. Prepared numbers and books for "Trefonen Sale". Saw Stanley who took one of my plates to discover what use a developer he had discovered would be. Went up to the Sale. Very cold wind started about 2.30. Fairly good. Fairly good sale at Trefonnen. Got down about 7.30. Had a wash and went out and down to see the wanderers had returned, which I soon realised. Chatted away. Saw the views of Tenby and spent a most pleasant evening. Took Mabel down to Melrose about 11 o'clock and returned home.


Friday 29
Got up about 8 o'clock went into the office and looked over my papers. Done sundry work. Went out to the Cwm in the afternoon and to Howey. Wrote some letters and sent to post. Went and had a game of football by the Emporium. Put up posting boards in Killans field. M.E. passed and asked me to go down in the evening and have a game of whist which I did and thoroughly enjoyed. M won. Took M & E down to Melrose. Mr Evans came with us and returned home about 11 o'clock. Read until 2.

Saturday 30
Got up about 9 o'clock. Went and settled with Trefonen sale. Went down to the Barber. Met Miss Partridge who asked me to show her over "Vronheulog". Arranged to do so. Went down and got P.O. for 7/- sent to Stanford. Went into Melrose and joined Mr & Mrs E and M on the Balcony. Sat down for a short time and watched the Circus horses. In the afternoon went and settled up with Mrs Bradford and met Norton gave him a few hints. The South Wales Circus being here the place was all en fete. Went to post about 7.30 when Mabel and myself went for a walk just as far as Llanvihangel getting back about 10.15 after a walk which I sincerely appreciated and enjoyed. Got to bed about 11 o'clock. M asked me down to tea tomorrow. A Miss Jones of Wellington was staying with my sister.

Sunday, May 1
Got up about 10.30. a fine morning. Went with Miss Jones for a walk around the lake. Got back to dinner.
Went in the afternoon to a service in school came out and went up to the quarry until 5 then went home and had a cup of tea and went down to join the party going to Llanyre. They had gone. I felt very sorry that I had not been down earlier. Joined them on the Llanyre road. Had a pleasant walk and came back. I asked M to go for a walk but she did not feel inclined to go so we sat a chatted away. Then I took them down to Melrose and after a pleasant evening got to bed by 11.

Monday 2
Got up about 8.30. Had a second paper - on water - from Muskers. In the morning went and paid Sharples. In the afternoon got ready the cattle number for Talcoed sale and prepared promissory notes. Then wrote up my diary. Wrote a letter or two. In the evening went and called at the Gwalia. Went down to the Rock. Boulter was there 'High spirited". Took him as far as the station then went back to the P.O. and had a game of "Knapp". M won the most. Mrs E lost. Saw M & E to Melrose and returned home about 11.30. Went to bed and read until 12 o'clock.

Tuesday 3
Got up about 9 o'clock. A very rough and cold day. After breakfast started to Talcoed. Left trap at Gwystre and walked up getting there about 11.30. Numbered the cattle and went into the left ? for lunch. Carved some beef and made a few remarks. Then was called out by Campell Gwernaglwydd who spoke to me about coaching up his son for the Board of Trade exam. Offered me £10 to do so. Promised to write him and go down for a days shooting. Commenced selling about 2 o'clock and finished by 6.30. There was a great number of people there and very high prices were realised. Walked down to Gwystre and got home about 11 o'clock.

Thursday 5
Got up about 8 o'clock. Studied in the office in the morning and afternoon. In the evening went for a walk with Mabel up to the lead mines. Diligently searched to obtain a little lead ore and after a long exertion luckily discovered a large piece of ore from which we obtained sufficient satisfaction.

Saturday 7
Got up about 8 o'clock. In the morning I worked in the office. Sent off for some price lists from various sanitary engineers. Arranged to got to Cwmcurthen in the afternoon. Got some developer for the Ilford Plates made up. Met Mrs E and M by the Pump. Went to Cwmcurthen had such a jolly tea. Mabel and I went to Carregwiber after some milk. Came home round by Cefnllys bridge. Got back about 9. Spent a most pleasant day the reminiscence of which will long be remembered.

Sunday 8
Beautiful morning. Got up about 9.30 went to Chapel. In the afternoon went up to the Quarry and lay down to read. Went to tea at Belmont with Jenkins and Harper. Went to the Post Office at 5 o'clock to meet M intending to go to Llanbadarn Church. She however intimated that in consequence of having heard that there was no evening service held there was not particularly anxious to go. I however thought there was something funny about it. Went to Llanyre with them, got back and had supper. Saw M & E down to Melrose and came home.

Monday 9
Got up about 8.30. Had breakfast. A lovely morning. Caught the 9 a.m. train down to Builth - being that it was Fair Day. Met R. Howell. Went and had a chat and drink, then took a walk round. Father sold a cow and calf there. Went and had lunch at the Lion. Price Powell, Capt. Bradley Hamar and a few other of Tory nest were there. R.H. and myself talked over the matter re opening an office in Builth. Saw Williams Brecon there. Had a talk with him over the Radnorshire vacant office of Inspector. Went away abruptly. Started home by the 3.18 train. At Llandrindod felt very sleepy. Worked until 6.30. Went to post and down to the Rock. Met the 7.30 train then went for a long walk over the Pump House Hill. Took "Bell" with me. Went to bed about 9.30. Money spent 7/6.

Straw boater

Tuesday 10
Got up about 9 o'clock. Beautiful morning. Studied in the office in the morning. In afternoon went to Post. Went up to the drawing room to Mabel and Mrs Evans who were supposed to be cutting some paper or something. M talked about going to Alpine Bridge - asked her to go for a walk in the evening. Promised to be down by 6.30. Got down ¼ to 7. They had gone. I was then called up to Trefonen and went to Maple House. Came back home about 8.30 p.m. and went to bed about 9.30. Read afterwards for some time -finished about 12.30.

Wednesday 11
Got up about 9 o'clock. Very fine morning. Started about 11.30 to Gwystre and from there to Llandegley. Inspected two shops there re weights & measures. Got home about 4.30. Had tea, wrote a letter. Went down for a packet of Letts Cards 3/9. Went in the sitting room - when Mrs Evans related to me a little report which she had heard -relative to Mabel & myself - such gossip was scarce worthy of notice, although M seemed annoyed, so also was I. But it did well. I will not express anything more regarding. My memory I think will be able to retain other details connected with it. I left about 6.30 and promised to be down by 8 to go to the Concert, which I did. Enjoyed myself very much. Had supper afterwards & sat chatting. Saw M & E down at Melrose about 12.40 and went home. A total eclipse of the moon was apparent at 11 p.m.

Thursday 12
Got up about 8 o'clock. Charming weather. Went and took the waters. Worked in the office in the morning at sundry work. Also received catalogue from some engineering firms. Done sundry things. Went down at 6 o'clock to fish. Got back about 7.30. Frank Edwards had my horse. Went down to the Rock and had a game of billiards with Hughes, when I beat him. Got back home about 10 o'clock and went off to bed. Read for a short time.

Friday 13
Beautiful mild morning. Went down to the Barbers and to the Bank. Sharples called on me since he had the shutter for the camera. Paid him 8d. Took a photograph of Belmont and Station Road. In the afternoon went by the 3.18 train to Penybont Fair. Saw several people who I knew. Returned with 8 o'clock train. Saw Ethel on the platform. She came up round with me and Mabel and Miss Hotchkiss mysteriously appeared. Went down with them and then returned home and had supper. Then went down again for an hour or two. Spent a pleasant evening. Saw Mabel down to Melrose. Arranged to go for a drive tomorrow. Got to bed about 12 o'clock.

Saturday 14
Got up about 8 o'clock and had my breakfast. Frank Edwards had bespoke my horse to go out to Disserth and being that I wanted one I went and hired the Rock's. Went up and drilled turnips on the hill. Came back down, had a wash, met M & E near Brynhyfryd at 12 and went for a drive to Newbridge. Inspected some balances at the station and made a surprise visit at shops, then drove on to Builth. Went for a stroll along the Groe and went nearly to Park Wells and returned. Had tea and came back home. I enjoyed my drive unusually. Got home about 8.30. Went down about 9 and chatted with M & Mrs Evans till 12.

Sunday 16
Got up about 11. Had a wreath card acquainting me with Williams' death. Strolled out for an hour after although wet morning and thought over different things. Went to school in the afternoon and to chapel in the evening when the Rev. ldris Jones preached. The text was Luke 16th chapter. Went and had supper at the Post Office Took Mabel home about 11.30. Arranged to go for a walk on Tuesday, wished her good night. Got to bed about 12 o'clock.

Monday 16
Got up at 7 o'clock. Morning rather stormy. Father went off to meet the train at Newbridge for Oswestry. In the morning I went for a ride out to Llanyre & returned and had some lunch and went into the office and worked there in the afternoon.

And there, we are sorry to say, this diary ends. The following pages are left blank, and we will never know how Tuesday's meeting with Mabel went and what other joys were to follow. We hope the one remaining entry, for June 7th is not the result of further disappointment:-

Tuesday, June 7
We the undersigned have this day pledged ourselves and have come to a determination to accompany each other to America - within such convenient time, which will enable us to provide sufficient pecuniary means to take us comfortably over & to have sufficient preparation time to leave all, bid adieu & finally settle everything with our parents relatives & home associates.
W.B. Scandrett
W.J. Bufton


William Bufton died only five years later of meningitis in 1897 at the age of 25. His tragic death cut short a career which promised so much. He lived at Brynteg House was educated at the National School and Hay Grammar School. In 1891 at the age of 19 he became the first Weights and Measures inspector for Radnorshire, although he was forced to resign in 1892 when it was found he had not told the Council the truth about his age. By the time of his death he had by then qualified as a Sanitary Inspector and been re-instated as the County Weights and Measures Inspector.

The 1891 census shows him living with his sister next door to the rest of the family.

1891 Census
Belmont House, Cefnllys
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/ Welsh
Jane E Bufton Head S 26 Manageress Radnorshire Llanbadarnfawr English
William J Bufton Brother S 22 Auctioneer Radnorshire Llandrindod English
London House, Cefnllys
Evan Bufton Head M 49 Auctioneer Radnorshire Llanbister English
Eliza Bufton Wife M 48   Radnorshire Llanbadarnfyndd English
Margaret A Bufton Daur S 21   Radnorshire Llandrindod English
Thomas Bufton Son S 12 Scholar Radnorshire Llandrindod English
Osborne Bufton Son   10 Scholar Radnorshire Llandrindod English
Fanny Bufton Daur   8 Scholar Radnorshire Llandrindod English
Kate Bufton Daur   6 Scholar Radnorshire Llandrindod English
Wilfred Bufton Son   4 Scholar Radnorshire Llandrindod English
Maud Bufton Daur   2   Radnorshire Llandrindod English
Elizabeth Johnson Serv S 32 Domestic Servant Durham N.K. English


He had prepared the notes for the "Ramblers' Guide to Llandrindod Wells" which was published with an introduction by Dr. Bowen Davies after his death. This book is still one of the best and most reliable histories of our town and the surrounding area. He was buried in Llandrindod cemetery, where a large tombstone now bears his name alongside that of his parents and other members of his family.

Dean Geraint Hughes