High School diaries I

I got up at seven. It was a nice sunny day. There was as light frost on the rabbit hutches when I fed them.

On the way to school there was a lovely scenic view of the Eppynt, shrouded faintly in mist. I caught the bus to school and in Llangammarch I saw a dog climbing a ladder onto some scaffolding, the same as it's been doing for the past two days! Radio 1 was on and it played Bowling for Soup's song, one of my favourite tunes!

I met my friends and we went up for registration. Then onto German. Our normal teacher wasn't there so we had an abnormal one instead! After German we had History. At the moment we're learning about the Industrial Revolution. It was a disgusting period. People drank their own raw sewage! Lovely! At break my violin playing friend went off to her band practice and I went down to check if my Science homework had been received (I left it on the teacher's desk).

When the bell went it was off to English and then maths before lunch. I had packed munch today which was Marmite sandwiches, a Cheesestring, a Babybell, a licorice bar and an apple.

The Primary School children came for swimming at one o'clock and I said hello to them. Then the bell went and we went off to registration. The final lessons of the day were Welsh and ICT. In Welsh we played games like wordsearch. Finally we had a test on the standard format bar (the what?) in ICT.

Finally the bell rang for school to end. I caught the bus. We had a different bus driver and he was really moody.

Illustration by Rob Davies

Got home about 4.10pm. I didn't like the crisps my sisters had so I didn't have anything to eat.

Instead I played with my virtual pets, fed my real ones and wrote some more of my story (I do a lot of writing!) No homework. Yay! Supper was potatoes, bean burger and veg. At 6.30 Dad got home from work and later he and mum had their supper. Just as they finished a bat flew into the kitchen! My sisters played their instruments, violin and piano and then I thought I'd better help dad rescue the bat!

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