High School Diaries II

It was 7.30 and my sister had just woken me up. I wanted to stay in bed but it was my dad's birthday so I had to get up (he was 45).

Illustration by Rob Davies

After a couple of minutes I got up and got into my school clothes, this was rather hard because on the Sunday that had just gone I had sprained my wrist. Then I went and woke up my brothers and we gave dad his presents. My sister made him a TV controller holder, one brother bought him some chocolate and I got him a sketch pad and a card.

Oh yes, another brother couldn't get into town and the other one ordered something off the Internet that hadn't come yet. After we gave the presents I got my bag ready and left for school at 8.35.

I arrived at school at about 9.05. I was late but my tutor didn't mind because it was my dad's birthday so I met up with my friends and went to lesson one, which was French. In French we learnt or revised numbers. We did up to 250 which is deux cent cinquante. After French we went to our next lesson which was science. I forgot my book so one of my friends ripped a page out of his book and gave it to me but the lesson lightened up when we did a practical using copper springs.

At break I didn't do much apart from just hanging around with my friends. Break lasted 20 minutes. The next two lessons were very good. I had drama and DT food. In drama we acted out a scene between a mum and a daughter and in DT I made low sugar buns. Then the bell went and it was dinner time. I was on sandwiches so I met up with my friends and we ate our dinners. As the bell went we went to our tutor room and registered with our tutor.

Lesson 5 was music with our weird teacher and we sang Amazing Grace, and lesson 6 was Welsh which was very boring. We learnt about the weather. I was able to go 5 minutes early because I had to go get my cooking stuff. After I got my cooking stuff I walked home.


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