High School Diaries VI

Illustration by Rob Davies

Today I woke up at 7.30am feeling tired and I was half falling asleep. I finally got out of bed at 7.40am. I got dressed into my nice, new, fluffy school uniform, then I brush my long thick hair and put it back in a pony tail. I went downstairs, had my big bowl of Shreddies for breakfast and sat down at the table talking hopefully to my dad, only because I had lost my whole school uniform on the last Friday. After my breakfast I went back upstairs to brush my teeth and do the girl stuff.

My nan picked me up from my house at 8.30am. She drove me to school and then I waited for my friends to come. At 8.55 me and my friends went for reg in our warm form room. After reg I went down to assembly and it was by Year 10 boys.

We had French period 1 and then we went to music, and after music my earring came out! And I've only had them in for 3 weeks! But it was ok because my best friend found the stud but we didn't find the back, so I had to go around for the rest of the day wearing tape. How embarrassing!

After break we went to our science lesson, which we had homework! (sigh) to do. Then we had easy, boring maths to go to.

Then it was finally lunchtime, but instead of having a wonderful hot dinner and a drink I had to go to hockey practice. Hockey was quite good. We played a whole game using a whole pitch. In the end my team won! 4 - 0. Yes, I was really happy. Then I had three fish fingers and beans for my lunch and the bell went just as I had finished my lollipop.

Then we had English, but that was good because I had my first ever merit from my teacher. After English we had RE. It was quite boring because we had to write a letter. I was waiting and waiting for the bell to go and finally it went. I rushed out into the car park and jumped in my nan's car and told her about my day.

When I got back to my house I walked to piano and practised for my exam. When I came home I did all my homework, had tea then went to bed, after a busy day!


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