High School diaries VII

This morning I got up as early as I could and said to myself 'Yes! It'll be coming out today!" I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth and had breakfast. I put the books that I needed into my bag and got into the car. At the end of the lane I said hello to my friend and we got on the bus.

When we got off the bus at school we met up with some other friends and went to registration. I gave my teacher a note to tell her why I would be absent for 3 or 4 lessons and then we went to assembly. After assembly we went to our first lesson, English. In English we had to finish off our work we had done last lesson and then read a book of our choice.

Illustration by Rob Davies
Illustration by Rob Davies

After English I had to go to reception to sign out. Then we got in the car and drove to Builth. I went to the dentists and went into the waiting room. After about 10 minutes she called me in. First she told me to open my mouth and she sprayed some horrible numbing stuff into my mouth. I nearly threw up all over her. Next she injected some stuff into my gum. The she just pulled! Finally my tooth came out. She gave me loads of tissues because it was bleeding loads!

Then we went into Buith and went round a few shops and went out for lunch which I could hardly eat!

After I went back to school I had to sign in again. After lunch break we went to registration and then music. During music we had to play certain instruments (I played the glockenspiel) and put them all together to make the tune to Banua! Then we went to French! We were working on things like how to say our names and how to ask "What is your name?" etc, then at the end we sang a song about elephants in French! It's so cool!

We went home on the bus again and when I got in the house I sat down and watched TV! For tea I had Chinese (my fave) but before I ate my other tooth came out (it was also wobbly!) I was so glad! After tea I did my homework and then ate my pudding (yum!).

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