Presteigne School diaries I

This is a diary of a 10 year old.

8.00am - Mum shouted me up this morning. "Breakfast is ready." Suddenly dad ran downstairs (he loves breakfast!). The all of a sudden Tia, my cat jumped on my belly and dug her claws in, it really hurt!

8.15am - Went downstairs and had my breakfast. I felt flu-ey so mum made me some hot cocoa and two rounds of toast. Then me and mum were discussing my birthday. She said maybe I could have a birthday party on Saturday. But I don't think I will!

8.20am - I asked mum for a mobile phone, but she said no, so I stomped up the stairs and got dressed and washed. I love the feel of fresh water on my face!

8.30am - I ran downstairs because 'Saved by the Bell' was on TV, but I knew I couldn't watch it all.

8.45am - I went to the loo and gathered my stuff and walked to school. It's only around the corner so I haven't got far to walk.

8.50am - I am at school and basically chilling out with my friends until the bell goes. We're just talking about music and stuff.

8.59am - I'm lining up at the moment. I don't feel right. I've got something like tonsilitis and a cold. "Mr C__'s class!" We're going in now. The men are doing something on the roof, they've got a tar machine up there!

9.45am - Mrs B__ did an assembly today. It was about a tax man and something or other! I wasn't paying much attention!

10.00am - We are doing more boring maths this morning. But I don't think I've got the hang of it yet!…

10.30am - Hooray!! It's playtime. I'm starving so I am going to buy 2 packets of crisps!

11.00am - We are going to do some English now. I don't really like it much!
11.30am - Welsh, finally. We don't have to do work. We played some good games in Welsh today.

12.15pm - Lunch time! I've got crackers, Lucozade and a chocolate rice crispy cake. Yumm!

1.15pm - Play time is over now. I feel really ill!

1.45pm - Mr C__ has left the room to go and help the swimmers down to the swimming pool. I didn't go because of my cold.

2.30pm - Last play. I'm tired so me and my friends are going over to the red bench to talk with my friends.

3.30pm - Home time, yeeha! I can't wait to get home and eat my after school surprise.

3.40pm - Me and my dad and my brother are walking back home. I'm tired so I'll probably go to bed earlier tonight.

3.45pm - We've got Fruitellas for our after school surprise. I'm just going upstairs to listen to some music.

5.00pm - I'm eating my tea now. I am starving! It's pasta and tuna bake and garlic bread.

5.30pm - I just finished my tea. I'm so full, so I'm just going to watch TV in my bedroom.

6.30pm - Mum's home so I am going for a big bubble bath.

7.30pm - Just got out of the bath. I'm going to bed in about an hour because of a bad cold! I walked downstairs and told mum. She said "Perhaps you should go to bed soon!"

8.30pm - I'm going to bed now, but I wonder if I will go to school tomorrow!


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