Presteigne School diaries II

This is a diary of a 10 year old.

5.15am - I woke up hearing the voices of my mother and my brother. I wandered around my bedroom for a little while and then tiredly made my way into the living room. I slouched down on the sofa and turned on the TV. My mind concentrated on it, my brother thought I was hypnotised.

6.45am - I stumbled into the kitchen and poured Frosties into a bowl and stuffed my mouth full with them. I helped myself to a drink of orange juice and went to brush my teeth. I accidentally used the hairbrush but soon noticed it.

8.35am - I quickly got dressed into my uniform and got my bags together, got my swimming kit and rushed to the car. We drove 2 miles to school. "Phew, just in time." We go into school at 9.00am. We do register and dinners. "Mmm, what shall I have?"

9.10am - We go for assembly - Mrs B__ read us a story about a shepherd and his 100 sheep. At the end we sang a song called 'Together.'

9.35am - We all come back in from assembly and did a few tests. The first was easy but the second was harder. "I don't know this one."

10.45am - "Not the bell - it was just getting to be fun." "Mr C__'s class, go in please," says Mrs B__.

12.15pm - "Yes. Lunch time. Let's go and play football." Ring ring. "Mr C__'s to go in for lunch," said the dinner lady. "Yum."
1.15pm - "Noooooooooo. Not the bell!" "Everyone better finish," said Mr C__. "Yesssss - art."

1.50pm - "Group three for swimming." "Quickly on the coach," said Mr C__. "Off the coach to get changed. No running, little boy!" said Mr C__ loudly.

2.35pm - "Get back on the coach quickly," said Mr F__. "Go faster, driver."

3.30pm - "Saved by the bell. Let's go quick."

5.45pm - "Come to eat your supper," said my dad. "Mmm. Casserole. I'm starved. Thanks dad." 7.30pm - "Homework. Oh, man!" "Hurry up," said dad. "Hmm. What's 3 x 70. I know, it's 210."

8.30pm - Mum, dad. I'm going to bed. Goodnight. I went to bed wondering what will happen tomorrow.


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