Presteigne School diaries III

This is a diary of a 10 year old.

7.00 - I woke up to the sound of my mum's voice calling me from downstairs, still very tired I wanted to go back to bed, but I knew I had to get ready for school.

7.30 - I changed and was downstairs having my breakfast which was a Müller corner Crunch and I enjoyed every last bite of it. Then my dogs came thundering through the door into the kitchen looking for food, closely followed by my dad.

8.00 - I had eaten breakfast and was watching TV. Even though I didn't like it I was watching ‘Obos' since I think it's a copy of Harry Potter, but it was the only cartoon on at the moment.

9.00 - By now I was in school. I had come by car and left at 8.30am. The bell rang and Mrs B__ started calling class names as kids started walking into school.

9.35 - I just came back from assembly. It was annoying as usual since it was about Jesus and I'm not a Christian (no offence to them) and I don't like singing. Then we started maths. It was money problems. Hard ones.

10.30 - Yes, it was playtime. When I got out I was relieved to have fresh air in my lungs again but I knew that it wouldn't last.

10.45 - End of playtime and I wasn't looking forward to the coming English lesson. It took ages. Even though it was only one hour it felt like a year.

11.45 - It was Welsh next, not my favourite subject and that felt like it took a year as well.

12.15 - By now I was starving and to my relief the bell rang and Mr C__ told us to go, and as you might have guessed, I did.

12.30 - I had sandwiches for lunch, ham sandwiches, and they were delicious (as usual) and I also had a chocolate bar. Out on the playground I played football and won 5-3.

1.15 - End of play and I went swimming in group C. It was really good fun as well.

2.30 - I had come back from swimming and playtime had just started and I played tig with the year 5s.

3.00 - We now started finishing off work. Earlier in the week we had been doing repaet patterns and I had to finish it off.

3.30 - At last it was hometime. I was so glad to be let out of the classroom.

4.00 - By now I was home and changed and watching cartoons on CITV whilst eating a chocolate bar.

6.00 - My brother jumped to his feet and ran outside as he saw dad coming down the drive. He had been waiting for dad to collect something all week. It was the Firebird XL remote control plan. I had been waiting for a Williams BMW Team Racer Technic but it hadn't come yet.

7.00 - Finally it came. It was in a huge box with 1483 pieces to make it with. I got to work right away.

8.00 - For tea we had gammon and chips and it was absolutely delicious. It was so good I had seconds.

9.00 - It was bed time. I got into bed and fell asleep thinking about what would happen the next day.


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