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Presteigne School diaries IV

This is a diary of an 11 year old.

7.30 - I got up cold because my blanket had fallen off and I still had a splitting headache from the night before. I got dressed, I put on my only pair of relatively clean trousers, my only long sleeved top that wasn't in the wash and slipped on some socks and shoes. I went downstairs and fried some mushrooms and spread butter thickly on my toast.

8.15 - We rushed off to school and then we had to drive all the way back because we had forgotten to look at the bus times.

8.40 - When I finally arrived at school we went straight to assembly. I had forgotten to do chairs so L__ was there heaving away on her own.

9.30 - I've just got back from assembly. Mrs B__ told Mr C__ to grow a moustache because a man on the overhead projector had a lovely curly one. I was on chairs today and was 5 minutes late. Not very good. Also have a very runny nose.

10.10 - We wrote a bit of our diaries and then played a mental maths game 6 v 5. We won 5-0. Then we had a quick girls v boys game and we won again 9-6.

10.25 - We started doing some problems, then I quickly muttered "I'm going to be sick." I ran to the toilet, was sick and then the bell rang. I gulped down a gallon of water and ran out to play.

11.00 - We came back from play and did some English that was really easy. We got through it quickly, then the bell rang.

12.15 - We had chicken casserole and chips. I had pastie because I hate casserole. We went out and played footie. Mr C__ came out to watch because it was the trials for the footie tournament the day before my birthday, although I probably won't get in.

3.30 - We all went home. I ate a Cornetto ice cream then I had a game of cards. I went on the Internet and went on the Tracey Beaker website and the computer was playing up.

6.45 - Mum called me down to have tea. We had abentessen, that's my favourite meal. We had blackcurrant fool for pudding.

7.30 - I took Jumble for a walk through some fields. Some cows started to chase us. Jumble wouldn't jump over the fence so I had to climb back over and practically had to push him over. I was panicking like mad. I got over the fence and ran all the way home.

8.45 - I read for a few hours, then I went to sleep. As I closed my eyes I thought - I wonder what I will do tomorrow.


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