A Day in the Life of a Primary School Teacher III

When I woke up this morning I felt a slight chill in the air and I didn't really want to get out from under my snug duvet. Still it's not so bad now I've started a job share - I only have to get up at 6.30 On three mornings a week!

Once up I got on with the mundane tasks of the morning - getting breakfast and preparing a sandwich for lunch. Boring old cheese again - I really must go shopping.

The journey to work was quiet as usual. I always love driving up over Offa's Dyke and seeing the beautiful rolling hills (very different to when I used to work in London and travel on the dreaded M25). I'm sure one day I'll keep driving and forget all about going to school.

Illustration by Rob Davies
Illustration by Rob Davies

I was really impressed with the class this morning - everyone was quietly getting on with something whilst I took the register. It makes such a difference when you don't have to start the day with a nag. Only two pupils away today - one on holiday in Greece and one has hurt his foot (probably too much football!)

My maths group worked well - thank goodness. We are working at improving mental addition skills. I think some of them are quicker than me. I wish I'd been taught how to do mental maths better when I was at school. I.T. lesson after lunch. I have really noticed how much more confident pupils are using computers, but I supposes it's not surprising as the majority have one at I home. We will be able to use our new computer suite soon - one computer between two, that will make teaching the skills easier.

Most pupils went swimming today. Having an on-site pool is another one of our blessings at this school. The swimming teacher said that the class were the best swimmers in the school. One of the joys of teaching is when other people recognise the effort and achievement of children in your class. I must remember to pass it on to the pupils! I seemed to spend hours marking maths books after school, and tidying the classroom ready for my job-share partner to take over tomorrow afternoon.

Played netball in Ludlow in the evening - won the match fairly easily. I have been playing for over thirty years and still love the game, even if I have slowed down a bit!

I ate spaghetti bolognaise at about 9:30, watched a bit of T.V. - a fascinating programme reconstructing the voyage of Captain Cook in the eighteenth century. I fell into bed around 10:45 and slept like a baby!

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