A day in the life of a Primary School teacher IV

Illustration by Rob Davies

The first misty morning since moving to Wales, the hillsides looked beautiful. Rather anxious today as I was teaching Year 2, I've never taught Infants before. A bit of a "spare part" before the bell, I'd got everything ready early.

Literacy first, went ok. Break time, I was on duty. Gosh, the Year 6s are very immature compared to my last school. Preferred to spoil the Year 3 games rather than encouraging and coaching like my previous school's lads would have done. Maths went ok, a nice class.

After lunch it was football with Year 6. Some talented kids but again the attitude is not mature. Had to be quite tough on them. End of the day and quite happy. Found the milk at morning a little tricky, would get my head round that though with practice.

Watched the end of Notting Hill on video, it's a pain I can only get BBC2, Channel 5 and Channel 4 on the TV. Still one of the disadvantages of mountains. I hope it's warm in bed tonight, living in the caravan can be quite cool, hope we sell the house soon.

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