Primary School Diaries V

It was 7.30 in the morning. I felt like I had been hit around the head with a baseball bat. From the top of my bunk bed I saw my friend who was sleeping over scramble out from the bottom bunk onto the floor and over to his clothes. I got out of bed and turned on the Playstation and played on Crash Bandicoot for half an hour. Me and my fiend and my brother had Cocopops for breakfast.

It is quarter to nine, we were in the car driving to school. My mum was going on about becoming a beauty therapist and I was just talking to my friend. When we got to school we had to do maths! We were doing fractions. We did maths for an hour. At break me and a friend played Jackie Chan. Break lasted quarter of an hour.

Illustration by Rob Davies

The next lesson was English. We got to design our own character. Mine was called Saber. He was 16 and he could shoot lightning bolts out of his hands. We did this until 12 o'clock. For school lunch we had sausage and lumpy mashed potato. We played Jackie Chan again until break was over.

In PE we played dead end. We had to catch the ball and throw it at someone to be on I got on twice. After that we did drama and me and my friend acted out having a fight.

When the bell rang to go home that was probably the best part of the day yet when I got home I played Crash Bandicoot for 2 hours and then it was time to go to karate. We practised doing front kicks and jabs. It took a long time to get right but in the end I got it right.

That's what happened to me on 24th September 2002.

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