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Brecon Gaol

Brecon Gaol
Brecon Gaol
Powys County Archives

The County Gaol at Brecon was opened in May 1781 and was enlarged in 1858 and 1865. The original plans of the gaol show the prisoner's day rooms and cells on the ground floor, with the kitchen and pantry, magistrate's room, chapel, gaolers and turnkeys rooms on the first floor, and the lumbar room, gaoler's and debtor's rooms on the top floor.

Plan of Brecon GaolPlan of Brecon GaolPlan of Brecon Gaol
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In 1891 the census records that the following persons were living in the prison, although the reasons for their incarceration were not detailed:

1891 Census
HM Prison, Newgate Street, Brecon
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of birth English/ Welsh
David Mynard Head M 63 Governor of H M Prison Hereford English
Ellen M Mynard Wife M 63  

Manley, Herefordshire

Annie Magrath Matron S 36 Matron Kent, Chatham English
Alfred Hubbard Warder M 42 Warder Staffordshire, Eccleshall English
Jonathan Peacock Warder M 35 Warder Yorkshire, Northallerton English
John Lloyd Night Watch M 38 Nightwatchman Breconshire, Builth English
Elizabeth Watts   S 21 Undergoing
Glasbury, Radnorshire English
Annie A Johns   S 28
Cardiganshire,Lampeter English and Welsh
Elizabeth J Watkins   S 21
Breconshire, Llanelly English
John Lewis   M 46
Breconshire, Aberyscir English and Welsh
Charles Eynstone   Widr 40
Berkshire, Cothill English
Alfred Brain   M 33
James Burns   S 63
Ireland English
John Donovan   S 24
Ireland English
George Wilson   M 20
Hampshire, Brown Caudones English
Joseph Hamish   S 20
Monmouthshire, Blaina English
Patrick Hury   M 36
Brecon English
Charles Smith   S 28
Middlesex, London English
Frank Richards   S 18
Brecon English
John Williams   S 25
Glamorganshire, Briton Ferry English
John Mahoney   S 20
Breconshire, Brunmawr English

Of the 15 prisoners incarcerated there at the time only 7 were originally from the area. The prison governor had his own residence within the prison grounds.

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