1905 map of Llandrindod Wells
1905 map of Llandrindod Wells
Edward Bridgett stayed the night at the Brickworks before stealing the
vest from the premises of Rose Cottage near the level railway crossing.

Powys County Archives

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The Accused - Edward Bridgett

Little is known of Edward Bridgett. He is described in the case papers as being "late of the parish of Cefnllys", but he did not live in the parish at the time of the census on 6 April 1891. On the evening of 13 December he stayed at the Brickyard in Llandrindod.

The Brickyard was disused by 1905, and today it is built over with housing. Without the valuable information from the census - which would include his age, profession, place of birth, and family if any - it has proved impossible to find out more about him.

Regina v Bridgett