Law and Order

Rees Powel: Justice of the Peace

Rees Powel was a farmer of some means, as evidenced by the size of his household in 1891:

1891 Census
Ynysclydach, Llywel, Breconshire
Name Position in household Marital
Age Occupation Place of birth English/Welsh speaker
Rees Powel JP Head M 57 Farmer Llandilofane, Brec Both
Mary Powel Powel Wife M 32   Ysclydach, Brec Both
Margaret Elizabeth Powel Dau S 10 Scholar
Mary Gwendoline Maud Powel Dau S 9 Scholar
Thomas Powell Bevan Powel Son S 5 Scholar
Thomas Powell Jeffreys Powell Father in law S 63 Living on his own means Llywel, Brecs Both
John Powell Jeffreys Powell Brother in law S 36 Student of medicine Ysclydach Both
Annie Winifred Davies Governess S 31 Governess Llangyfelach, Glamorgan Both
Sarah Anne Evans Cook S 23 Cook Llandefilofane, Brecs Both
Mary Evans Serv S 19 Nurse Ysclydach Both
Margaret Austins Serv S 17 Housemaid
Margaret Evans Serv S 35 Dairymaid (?) Brecs Both
John Morgan Serv S 18 Cowman Llandifilofane Both
Charles Morgan Serv M 24 Waggoner City of London Both
William Edwards Serv S 12 Errand boy Llywel Both

Oath of qualification as Magistrate
Oath of qualification as Magistrate
Powys County Archives

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