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The Evils of Drink: Temperance

A circular from the North Wales Temperance Association resulted in the Llanfyllin Board of Guardians passing the following resolution on 14th May 1891:

Liquor Traffic

"Liquor Traffic . . . That in view of the poverty, crime, disease, insanity and expenses to the country resulting from the prevalence of drinking habits among the population this Board of Guardians records its conviction that so much self-government should be given to the Rate-payers as would enable them to limit the number or, if they think fit, to veto all licensing in their district and that a bill for this purpose should be passed by parliament without delay."

The 9 January 1891 Brecon & Radnor Express contained the following brief report:

Rechabitism at Brecon


At the last meeting of the members of the "Beacon" Tent of Rechabites, held at the New Lion Coffee Tavern, Struet, Brecon, the election and installation of officers for the ensuing six months was proceeded with. Brother E. Walter, Chief Ruler, presided. The following are the new officers for the ensuing term:- Worthy Chief Ruler, Brother Edwin Poole, Proprietor Brecon and Radnor Express; D C R., Bro. W J Williams; secretary, Bro. W R Price; treasurer, Brother Francis Taylor; RHS to CR., Bro. Knight; LHS to CR., Bro. William Thomas; RHS to DCR., Bro. Letton; LHS to DCR., Bro. Barber; RH Steward, Bro. Thos. Rees; LH Steward, Bro. W J Matthews; Levite, Bro. James; Guard, Bro. W Thomas. During the proceedings Bro. Meredith, the worthy host, regaled all present with liberal refreshments, for which he was heartily thanked by the retiring Chief Ruler, Bro. Walter. After the officers had been duly installed, Bro. Poole proposed, and Bro. Llewelyn Morgan seconded, a hearty vote of thanks to the retiring Chief Ruler, who had conducted the affairs of the tent in a thoroughly business-like way. The tent was prosperous financially, and latterly greater interest than ever had been shown in the affairs of the tent by the members, as was witnessed by the capital attendance of members on all recent occasions. Bro. Walter suitably acknowledged the compliment paid him. -- We understand that at the next meeting a friendly conversation will take place on General Booth's majestic plan of "Social Salvation.""

Rechabitism, or 'The Independent Order of Rechabites", was founded in Salford, Manchester, in 1835. They took their name and aims from the Bible:

"Then I set cups and pitchers full of wine in front of the members of the Rechabite community and said to them, "Have some wine." But they answered, "We don't drink wine because our ancestor Jonadab son of Rechab commanded us not to. He told us, 'You and your children must never drink wine. . . . Live in tents all your lives."
Jeremiah 35:5-7

They believed in total abstinence from alcohol. The movement spread throughout the world, reaching America in 1842 and Australia, where it still exists (, soon thereafter.

General Booth was one of the founders of the Salvation Army (

The Evils of Drink
Llanfyllin Board of Guardians