Social conditions

Rural services

Illus. By Rob Davies

A subject occupying the minds of many people in Powys on September 24th 2002 was the decline in rural services - Powys being very much a rural community. A lot of attention was focused on this particularly at this time due to the March for Liberty and Livelihood organised by the Countryside Alliance which had taken place two days earlier and which many of our diarists had attended.

Also bought petrol in Safeway - a small discount to people who've shopped in the store. There used to be 3 garages selling petrol in Llanbrynmair and I moved my custom from one to another as they gradually closed down. Now it is necessary to make sure that one has enough petrol to get to nearest garage (11 miles away at Caersws). Use Safeway whenever possible but like to have tank half full in case of emergencies.

Another lady has significant problems due to the scarcity of public transport .

It also effects younger people. A high School student wrote: