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Social conditions

Social work

Many 2002 diarists were engaged in social work of various kinds in both a professional and voluntary capacity.

One lady whose two daughters were both expecting babies imminently

  • Arrived at work 9am - volunteer at CAB, monitored and reviewed clients and tied up ends - will be otherwise engaged for a few weeks!

A Community Development Officer

  • Illus. By Rob Davies
    . . . travelled from Builth to Brecon for a Brecon CAT (Community Action Team) Meeting. This group looks for projects to help steer young people away from cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse and drug taking. Two current projects are the Cyber Café (Brecon Telecentre) and a proposed Skate Park. The afternoon is spent helping to make advertising boards for the Cyber Café, to take to the Annual Telecentres Powys Meeting on Friday 27th September.

One diarist works as a welfare rights worker. In the morning she had

  • . . . 2 home visits to do in Newtown in connection with my work for Powys Welfare Rights Forum.

A finance director's morning:

  • Attended Welsh Assembly seminar on "Black Ethnic Minority Housing Action Plan for Wales".

Other diarists say:

  • My husband worked on the new bus for the Mobile Toy Library the charity we work for runs. I worked on a funding application.

  • 7.40 Got up and got the young person I look after up (at a residential care home) wrote the day recording sheet. Welcomed handover shift staff then drove home.


Many of the diarists worked to assist the disabled in various ways.

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