Travel for Tourists to Llandrindod: Excursions

Evans' timetable
Evans's Guide timetable for outings
Powys County Archives

Once in the town, various excursions were available by carriage, some of them quite a distance from Llandrindod.

The basic fares for a carriage drawn by a single horse were one shilling per mile; the driver's fee was extra. Trips by large brake were much cheaper - perhaps the type of vehicle shown in this photo from Llandrindod Wells.

Carriage in Llandrindod Wells
An open-topped carriage ready to set off on an
excursion from Llandrindod Wells
Radnorshire Museum

However, as Evans points out in his Guide Book regarding trips to Abbey Cwm Hir:

"Special preparations must be made for this day's excursion. Not only must the "clerk of the weather" be consulted, but an agreeable party must be secured to enjoy the drive to Abbey Cwm Hir."

Presumably the trip took a long time and would not be recommended in an open topped carriage with 'disagreeable' travelling companions.

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