A day in the life of a local studies librarian

Illus. By Rob Davies
Brecon Canal
Brecon Canal

A working day - warm September weather a bonus. Healthy breakfast, Shredded Wheat, orange juice, dried fruit. Lunch prepared fresh from the garden - tomatoes, lettuce, accompanied by 100% wholegrain bread from Mary's bakery. Ready for work. Answerphone switched on. Journey begins. A walk along the Monmouth and Brecon canal towpath - ducks in fine voice, swans so graceful. Occupants of moored barge begin to stir. The tempting aromas of cooked breakfasts. Locals and holidaymakers alike exercise their dogs. My journey ends at the marina and Theatr Brycheiniog. A new shorter one begins and takes me to the town centre already bustling with commuter traffic and delivery vehicles visiting and stocking the town's High Street business centre.

Arrive at my workplace. Switch on all PCs ready for the daily round of use activity - Internet, Hotmail. 9.30 we open. Friendly faces greet you, visitors from New Zealand, Australia, USA all anxious to keep in touch with friends and family back home. Letters, telephone calls - all manoeuvred into the background by free Hotmail. Counter PCs spring into life. Books, videos, CDs, Talking Books all returned and issued, questions asked, answers (hopefully) given. Enquiries - the 1901 census live via the Internet finally delivered after a difficult and troubled 9 months or so. Researchers arrive - air of expectancy - a hit - family members identified - smiles and jubilation.

Lunch and a walk around Brecon. The Promenade with people enjoying picnics on the river bank, trout jumping, anglers stretching. So quiet and relaxing away from the incessant drone of the town centre. Holidaymakers still in evidence, luxury coaches sniff out parking spaces. Supermarkets awash with locals and visitors alike. Modern day luxuries, convenience foods, take away lunches, all meeting the demands of modern day living.

Walk home. An evening catching the national and international news via television. A relaxing hour in the company of the stereo system. Neighbours frantically mowing lawns before the weather finally breaks and heralds autumn. A freshly cooked meal - jacket potato, broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower. Microwave redundant, gas central heating not required. Darkness sets in, curtains drawn. Time for a shower before retiring to bed and a final glance at the Western Mail. Sport needs to be digested. September 24th has passed, September 25th beckons but not before a good night'' sleep.


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