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Professionals in Broad Street, Newtown

OS map of Newtown centre
Map of Newtown centre
Powys County Archives

Broad Street was considered prestigious enough for various professionals to set up practice (and home) there.

There were three doctors in 1891, and they demonstrated quite different households.

Harold Palmer had recently taken on a partner in young, newly qualified George Silver from Scotland. Harold and his wife had 2 female servants.

Charles Gowan was a surgeon who lived next door. In addition to his wife and three daughters, he retained three servants and was clearly prosperous. He had been resident in the town at least since the birth of his daughter Mabel eight years before.

Finally, the Irish doctor Humphrey Worthington had only a housekeeper but also took in a lodger.

1891 Census
21 Broad Street
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
Harold L Palmer Head M 39 Medical Practitioner Haverfordwest Pembroke English
Susannah Palmer Wife M 40   Havant Middlesex English
George S Silver Partner S 25 Medical practitioner Scotland English
Elizabeth Jones Serv S 25 Domestic servant Llanerfyl Mont Both
Annie Morcroft Serv S 20 Domestic servant Staffordshire Stafford English
22 Broad Street
Charles Gowan Head M 41 Physician & Surgeon (duly registered) Scotland English
Frances M A Gowan Wife M 35   Ireland English
Edith M Gowan Dau   18 Scholar ? Yorks English
Mabel C M Gowan Dau   8 Scholar Newtown Mont English
Frances W Gowan Dau   3 Scholar Newtown Mont English
Mary Francis Serv S 26 Cook Salop English
Mary J Jones Serv S 19 Nurse London English
Matthew Jones Serv S 17 Groom Bishops Castle Salop English
30 Broad Street
Humphrey Worthington Head M 27 Physician Dublin Ireland English
Sarah Lucas Serv Wid 50 Housekeeper Mont Llanmerewig English
Sarah A James Boarder S 20 Seamstress Birmingham English

There was also a solicitor's office at no. 44 although the proprietor did not live there.

This was not the case for the bank manager, however, who did live over the shop. The widower Richard Jones was the manager of the National and Provincial Bank of England and lived with his 2 daughters and 2 servants.

9 Broad Street
9 Broad Street
from a larger photo
Powysland Museum and
Montgomery Canal Centre
1891 Census
9 Broad Street
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
Richard Jones Head Wid 55 Bank Manager Anglesey Both
Phoebe J Jones Dau S 29   Holyhead Anglesey English
Mary J Jones Dau S 27   Holyhead Anglesey English
Annie Roberts Serv S 23 Housemaid Llandyssil Mont English
Margaret Pritchard Serv S 20 Cook Llandyssil Mont English

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