Occupations of Residents of Oddfellows Street, Ystradgynlais

Oddfellows Street, Ystradgynlais
Oddfellows Street, Ystradgynlais, 1906
Colour added for emphasis.
Powys County Archives

Oddfellows Street is part of the 'Island' on which Ystradgynlais is centred and runs from the canal to the river. Parallel to Pelican Street, in 1891 it contained 2 schools.

Many of the people who lived there in 1891 were not employed or did not give their occupation to the enumerator. However, most of those working were employed in coal mining.

An interesting point regarding the 1891 census is that the enumerator often wrote down details in Welsh - in fact many of the local residents spoke only Welsh. However, at some point the census was changed so that Welsh entries were crossed out and English words substituted.

You can find out more about this area of Ystradgynlais on the Powys Digital History Project.

1891 Census
Oddfellows Street, Ystradgynlais
Name Age Occupation   Name Age Occupation
John Thomas 29 Coal miner Joan Thomas ? Domestic servant
Margaret Evans 68 Laundress William Jones 78 Saddler
Howell Powell 21 Coal miner William Jones 57 Saddler
William Jones 22 Carpenter Sarah Nicholas 56 Domestic servant
William Hughes 33 Packer John Rees 60 Coal miner
Mary Jones 23 Duster in Iron works John Jenkins 60 General labourer
Phillip Hopton 24 Mason Titus Jenkins 31 Coal miner
James Jones 19 Coal miner Thomas Davies 42 Coal miner
William Samuel 55 Roadman David Davies 16 Coal miner
John Thomas 35 General labourer Rees Williams 79 Retired shoemaker
John Bevan 46 Timekeeper and weigher
in ironworks (?)
John Morgan 60 Coal miner
Lewis Jones 45 Blacksmith John Jones 31 Checkweigher
Thomas Jones 19 Coal miner David Morgan 25 Coal miner
John Walter Jones 19 Blacksmith's striker Thomas Morris 40 Coal miner
Maurice Cox 29 General labourer Thomas John Morris 16 Haulier
William Cole 28 General labourer