Bywyd Dinesig a Chymunedol

Diwrnod ym mywyd cynghorydd tref


Cafes and gallery in Machynlleth
Illus. By  Rob Davies
Clock Tower, Machynlleth
The Clock Tower, Machynlleth

Dyma ddyddiadur cynghorydd tref Machynlleth sydd hefyd yn Gynghorydd Sir

Awoke at my usual time of about 04.45, and turned to Radio 3. Breakfasted on two rounds of toast and three cups of tea. As per usual for Tuesday, cleaned the kitchen. Finished typing a report on a meeting of the Shrewsbury - Aberystwyth Railway Line Liason committee I had attended representing Machynlleth Town Council.

Read about 30 pages of Thomas Hardy's 'A Pair of Blue Eyes'. Dealt with a couple of phone calls from the Cambrian News in connection with the town clock refurbishment appeal fund collection box stolen from the base of the clock.

Between 09.30 and 11.00 walked the town's north east and north west wards, making note of some minor matters, then called with the town mayor to discuss some issues.

Home to prepare and eat lunch (sausages, green beans, carrots and potatoes). Made a start on my report to the Town Council on County Council matters, and by phone dealt with the walk-about issues. Read a further 40 or so pages of 'A pair of Blue Eyes'.

At about 18.00 attended the local fire station's open evening, leaving at 19.00 to join the local county primary school's governor's meeting.

Returned home at 21.30 and made supper (boiled egg and glass of milk). Watched video recording of Sunday evening's HTV documentary on Edward Elgar by Ken Russell. Listened to the BBC's World Service for a while and went to bed at about 01.15.

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