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Environmental concerns were important to many diarists. These ranged from this man who:

Illus. by Rob Davies
  • Made an early start (about 7am) taking down flower baskets from various locations in Llandrindod Wells. These have been my responsibility during the summer months.

To other diarists who were concerned about environmental issues:

  • We browse in the library and read in the local paper about plans to extract gravel from this area. The Brecon Beacons National Park are objecting. We discuss this and agree it would be a disaster.

  • The dreaded news - suspect case of foot and mouth in a bull in Yorkshire, which I found out later the results were negative. News like this twelve months on from the big outbreak last year still sends my blood cold.

Two are concerned about windfarms:

Illus. By Rob Davies

  • I read more about the windfarms with a cup of coffee on the garden seat…….I had to read about the wind farm as I am chairman of Old Radnor Community Council.

  • I spent the morning getting lots of photocopies in Hall's (Costcutter) in Knighton because I'm helping with the campaign to stop wind turbines 91m high being built just off A44 near Llanfihangel Nant Melan. I just can't see any benefit locally to the plan and the beautiful landscapes of the Radnor Valley will be decimated by the huge structures. The I sent out lots of copies of the protest petition and copies of the notice of the planning application.

Whereas another takes a different view:

  • Wind's still east, so the windmills say. It's lovely to have them up and working again. I can't see why people object to them. They're quite handsome and surely no more intrusive on the skyline than trees. They don't obscure anything. I can still enjoy the colours of the mountain and sky, the shapes of the clouds. And they're very useful for telling wind direction.

One striking feature about many of the diaries received was the large number of people who mentioned recycling in their diaries. This would seem to have become a regular feature of many people's daily lives, although it should be noted that September 24th 2002 was a pleasant sunny day and ideal for taking waste to the recycling centres located at various places around Powys!

The recycling centre in Newtown
  • Take curtains to car to deliver to charity shop in Knighton. Also put green glass bottles and clear ones in car to take to recycling centre.

  • After finishing our shopping I took a bag full of old newspapers to the 'paper bank'.

  • I was in town early and spent fifteen minutes or so tidying up the waste recycling containers situated next to the railway station. I met a fellow town councillor there and we discussed some matters arising from a previous town council meeting. The sale of the waste yields some £6k per annum which is distributed to worthy causes throughout the town.

  • After a small mid day meal pruned the last of the roses needing attention and later took the prunings with other garden waste to the recycle place in Newtown. The garden waste goes to the wormery where it becomes useful compost and saves landfill space.

Many diarists referred to the March for Liberty and Livelihood which had taken place a couple of days before diary day on 22nd September 2002. Some of their comments can be seen on this page. September 24th had also been an active day for a couple of wildlife trusts in Powys and references to these can be seen here.

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