Civic and Community

The Environment

Environmental concerns were important to many diarists. These ranged from this man who:

Illus. by Rob Davies

To other diarists who were concerned about environmental issues:

Two are concerned about windfarms:

Illus. By Rob Davies

Whereas another takes a different view:

One striking feature about many of the diaries received was the large number of people who mentioned recycling in their diaries. This would seem to have become a regular feature of many people's daily lives, although it should be noted that September 24th 2002 was a pleasant sunny day and ideal for taking waste to the recycling centres located at various places around Powys!

The recycling centre in Newtown

Many diarists referred to the March for Liberty and Livelihood which had taken place a couple of days before diary day on 22nd September 2002. Some of their comments can be seen on this page. September 24th had also been an active day for a couple of wildlife trusts in Powys and references to these can be seen here.