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Computers for leisure

Many different uses were made of computers for leisure purposes.

  • Went to Kington to KC3, an information technology centre to practice my IT skills and do some local history research on The Internet. Found that Gladestry was called 'Clandestr'ad' in 1291.
  • KC3
    KC3 computer centre in Kington, Herefordshire
    Illus. By Rob Davies

  • I spent a good while changing some of my players in my Western Mail Fantasy Rugby Team - one of my players had a neck injury so he wasn't going to earn me many points!……………..Started to catalogue my 70s and 80s vinyl records as I have just bought a computer software package that enables me to put them onto a CD.

  • Into town centre to Rhayader 2000, a centre providing voluntary services. I was going to Over 55s Internet Club. Sent 2 emails, shown site to find and send greetings cards, recipe site which I found too American.

  • I was enjoying yet another day learning to use the computer in the Cyber Café.

  • Surfed Internet for information on house renovation.

  • Am I relieved or disappointed, not to be rushing off to computer class this morning? I was quite looking forward to learning how to put a book together. Well, what else would a normal person expect desk top publishing to be? Things they offered when I got there last Tuesday had nothing to do with publishing, as far as I could make out.

  • Y cyfrifiadur newydd wedi cyrraedd. Rhoi'r hen yn y bocs i fynd i Sarah i Aberystwyth (mae hi wedi cychwyn yn y Brifysgol dydd Sadwrn diwethaf) i astudio y Gymraeg a'r Gyfraith. Edward yn gosod y newydd yn swyddfa John. Cefais innau y ddesg roedd y cyfrifiadur arni i fynd i fy swyddfa innau. Felly roedd rhaid aildrefnu'r swyddfa a glanhau.

  • Elgan went on the Internet to check www.a-day-in-the-life.powys.org.uk.

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