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Email has had a major impact on the lives of many of our diarists.

  • Did write two letters, though, which I walked to post in the village. I also sent an email, using my fairly new and not yet understood computer, to a human rights organisation in the Philippines. It should have taken only about half an hour to reach its destination, and the cost to me will be the equivalent of a local phone call.

  • I am sending Kit an urgent email now. I've told him to please respond soon with any local news he gets about the war brewing on the Ivory Coast, not wait 4 months to pass that he considers reasonable for writing home! And please think of getting ready to leave in a hurry if war seems to be coming his way.

  • Switched on computer to check emails and then downstairs to check other post.

  • I logged onto the Internet and collected several messages and answered them - most days there is email business for the Dry Stone Walling Association or the Open University Geological Society or both.

  • Checked emails. Nothing important. Must send email to Anne in Canada, see how they are getting on and give her the latest news.
  • I type up the WI minutes on my computer and rely to an email from my daughter in Australia; am unsuccessful again to get through to my son in New Zealand.

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