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Brecon Hounds at Tregunter
Brecon Hounds at Tregunter (detail)
Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery

The nineteenth century witnessed the development and increased popularity of many sports, as the concept of leisure was extended across the social spectrum. Much of the drive to encourage leisure as a beneficial pastime for body and soul was led by the middle classes, and many clubs were formed to promote various sports.

Hunting was a well-established sport. This picture shows the Brecon hounds meeting at Tregunter in around 1890.

Shooting was another popular pastime. The South Wales Borderers encouraged competition amongst its officers and men with the Battalion Cup. This picture shows the winners of the 1892 cup:

Shooting Team
"A" Company 1st Vol. Batt. S. Wales
Borderers Shooting Team, 1892
Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery

Other sports were growing in popularity at the time: team sports; sports acceptable for women such as tennis and croquet; and cycling which was becoming a very popular leisure activity.