School Attendances: Llanbister Cantal School

Llanbister Cantal School had similar problems. As usual for 1891, the bad weather affected attendance and the head teacher rewarded those who had a good record in that respect, although days of poor attendances were not always because of the weather:

"...attendance suffers from the Knighton fairs and markets,..."
Powys County Archives

"Mar 6th As the attendance suffers from the Knighton fairs and markets, I gave the regular children an hour's play this morning. Aaron Stephens and T Hamer have been kept from school to go to the fair at Knighton."

Aaron Stephens gave him some cause for concern:

"Aaron Stephens is absent today,..."
Powys County Archives

"April 7th Aaron Stephens is absent today, having gone to the sale at Bryndraenog. This boy was reported to the Board for irregular attendance on 4th April."

However, Aaron's distaste for school finally resulted in his leaving before his due age:

"Mr J Bound has engaged Aaron Stephens . . ."
Powys County Archives

"June 9th I find that Mr J Bound has engaged Aaron Stephens (st V) to work for him. This boy is not 13 years of age for another month."

The census shows that Mr Bound lived very near to Aaron and had quite a substantial household. Aaron's father might even have been bailiff to John Bounds' farm.
1891 Census
28 Rhosgree, Llanbister
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/ Welsh
John Bound Head M 46 Farmer Radnorshire, Heyope English
Hannah W Bound Wife M 44   Radnorshire, Llanbister English
Henry Bywater Uncle Widr ?7 Retired farmer Radnorshire, Llanbister English
Lizzie James Serv S 21 General Servant Radnorshire, Llanelwill English
Bryan Evans Serv S 30 Farm Servant Radnorshire, Pilleth English
Matthew G Williams Serv S 24 Farm Servant Montgomeryshire, Llanfair Caereinion English
John Meredith Serv S 22 Farm Servant Radnorshire, Pilleth English
Price Noel Parker Serv S 16 Farm Servant Radnorshire, Llanbister English
31 Ffoesllappery, Llanbister
Evan Stephens Head M 47 Farm Bailiff Radnorshire, Llanbister English
Mary Ann Stephens Wife M 47   Radnorshire, Llanbadarnfynydd English
Aaron Stephens Son   12 Scholar Radnorshire, Bleddfa English

As with many other schools in Powys, Llanbister Cantal was hit hard by the influenza epidemic in early summer.

"Numbers very low . . ."
Powys County Archives

"May 28th Numbers very low. Twenty two absent. Eleven of these are under the 'Influenza'."

Although not all were telling the truth:

"Nine girls and 3 boys have been absent . . ."
Powys County Archives

"May 29th Nine girls and 3 boys have been absent all the week. One boy, viz Richard Evans, Coxhead, reported ill, was at the Knighton markets yesterday."

The teacher eventually had to close the school because of the epidemic.

School Attendances p. 1
Llanbister Cantal School