Cantal Board School, Llanbister
Cantal Board School, Llanbister
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School Discipline

The headmaster of Llanbister Cantal school had cause to discipline a number of his pupils throughout the year.

Left school for a few minutes. . .

"Sept 28th Left school for a few minutes in the afternoon to go after F Boughtwood who went home without permission at dinnertime."

And another child:

George Wilding was punished today . . .

". . . George Wilding was punished today for playing truant and keeping his two brothers away from school for 2 days."

The teacher also had cause to punish a child for theft:

"Mar 9th Punished Evan Griffiths in the afternoon for stealing pen holders from the school" Punished Evan Griffiths

The school's punishment book from 1904 shows what sort of punishments might have been meted out to Evan.

Children were also punished for being late:

"Very rough morning . . ." "Oct 19th Very rough morning. Five boys came in at 10.5am and were marked absent. Gave each one stroke on the hand. Two more boys came in at 10.15."

Sometimes administering discipline caused problems:

"Mr Palfrey's children have been absent . . ."

"Dec 14th Mr Jas Palfrey's children from Cwmygaist have been absent since the 2nd inst, their father keeping them away because they each received one tap with the cane for coming in after 9.30am. The girl Lucy has only made 17 attendances during this quarter."

Three Palfrey children were registered with the school at this time - Lucy (9), William (8) and Alfred (4).

However, as well as maintaining discipline, Mr Roberts was also a teacher who liked to reward his pupils with special treats.