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At Llanbister Cantal School, as well as the basic subjects of reading, arithmetic, grammar and spelling, various collective lessons were given to the whole school. Topics included iron smelting, wool, salt, glove making and weather. Some subjects gave cause for concern:

Examination given today "Sept 4th Examination given today. Arithmetic good but the boys in St III all failed in Dictation. St I Reading was also poor. Good progress was made in Drawing. The examination is to take place on 16th inst at 10am."

The annual inspection took place in October, and the Inspector's report copied into the log book on December 15th:

Inspector's Report
Inspector's Report
Inspector's Report
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Powys County Archives

One new admission was a problem:

. . . never been to school . . .
Powys County Archives

"July 20th This morning Charles F Jones was admitted - a boy who had never been to school, although in the district and 8 years of age on 13th May last."

1891 Census
The Warren, Llanbister
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
Jane Lloyd Head Wid 57 Charwoman Radnorshire, Nantmel English
Charles F Jones Grandson   8   Radnorshire, Llanbister English

Charles caught up with his school work and left the school in March 1897 after passing his Standard V examination.

The following table is a compilation of selected results:

Date admitted Name Birthdate Parent Exam standards Leaving date Remarks
13/5/89 William Pritchard 25/3/82 Wm Pritchard,
III, IV, VI    
23/4/88 Fred Doody 11/4/83   II, III, IV    
11/6/89 Joseph Davies 24/12/83 Joseph Davies, Rhallt I, II, III   Gone to Pool Quay
17/5/85 Alice Evans 2/7/83 George Evans, School Cott IV,V    
29/5/88 William Nicholes 3/1/83 Nicholes, Hope IV,V,VI   Gone to work
10/5/87 William Beddoes 8/12/79     8/90 Left
21/6/86 Elizabeth Evans 18/9/80 Isaac Evans, Cletterwood IV,V    
18/3/84 Annie Davies 4/79 Lewis Davies, Buttington     Moved from Berriew. Left

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