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Diaries were received from various primary school teachers.

  • 8.45am School starts - first problems and latecomers. Maths and language in the morning. Busy morning break - no break really.

    Illustration by Rob Davies
    11.20am Fire officer on benefits of smoke alarms and plans on how to escape if a fire in your home.

    12.00pm Lunch - school meals for staff very poor here so we have a microwave in our tiny staff room. Extra helpers in today, what would we do without them!

    3.00pm School finishes but not picked up until 4pm!

    6.00pm Staff meeting so not home until 6 o'clock . . .

    Bed at 10.30 after daily planning.

  • I was up at 7am this morning preparing for school. I drove to school and arrived at 8.15am. It was a very busy day as usual starting with junior assembly at 9.10am. The children then returned to class for a spelling test and some silent reading. After morning play the children had a music lesson with the headmaster. Lunch was at 12pm and class proceeded at 1pm when the children noted various activities they had been doing throughout the day. Physical education was after playtime. The children were practising ball skills on the field. School ended at 3.30pm. I arrived home at 5pm by car. The road was fairly busy and the journey lasted approximately 20 minutes. I spent the evening marking work and preparing for the following day.

  • Still no hall so did gym classes on grass outside - 2002 and no hall - eat lunch in class, no gym unless dry and sunny . . . Quick supper as teacher governor for our school and we met at 7.30, lots of waffle - waste of time really - discussed over load of paperwork and pathetic Welsh Assembly, played hell about them in the car all the way home.

Diaries were also received from some secondary school teachers:

  • Took class register, attended assembly, taught two hourly lessons (one English to low ability 12 year olds - one pupil very difficult, sent to headmaster - and one History to 11 year olds on the Battle of Hastings - this class attentive and enthusiastic).

  • Quite a good day - no major behaviour problems to sort out (nobody swore at me!)

The diaries of other primary school teachers can be seen here

A day in the life of a head of history in a secondary school can be seen here.

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