More Treats

Advertisement for 'Magic and Phantasmagoria Lanterns'
'Magic and Phantasmagoria Lanterns'

He also gave lantern entertainments to the children. These were a very early form of slide show which were the immediate forerunner of modern day films, and had become very popular by the 1890s.

The children of Crickhowell British School were invited to tea by the local gentry:

Today, a treat . . .
Powys County Archives

"Today, a treat (tea party) was given to the children attending all the schools in the district at Glasusk Park, by Sir Joseph and Lady Bailey. Consequently a holiday was given to children today."

And the new head teacher at Llawr-y-glyn Board School assumed duties on the day that:

. . . sweets to all the scholars present
Powys County Archives

"Mr Jones Esgaerieth visited the school today and distributed some sweets to all the scholars present."