Vest - illustration by Rob Davies

Law and Order

Francis Cooke's Deposition

In December 1891, Francis Cooke was residing at Llandrindod Wells Cottage Hospital for his health. He had only recently moved to Llandrindod, because he is not listed as being resident in the Hospital in the April census. We know he was married because he mentions his wife in his deposition.

Deposition of Francis Cooke

This deponent Francis Cooke on his oath saith as follows:-

"I live now at the Cottage Hospital, Llandrindod in this County. I am there for my health at the present time. The flannel vest now produced is my property. I know it by the darning under the arm. The darning was done by my wife in my presence it is the same material as my other vest. I value the vest now at eighteen pence. On Monday Morning the 14th of this month I saw the vest last."

(Signed) Francis Cooke

Regina v Bridgett