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Glanusk Park Census

At the time of the 1891 census Sir Joseph was living at Glanusk with his wife of 30 years - Mary Ann and six of his children. In addition to a large array of servants, his mother and step-father also lived there.

1891 Census
Glanusk Park, Llangattock, Breconshire
Position in
Place of birth
Joseph Russell Bailey Head M 50 Lord Lieutenant of Breconshire, Bart Leamington,
Mary Ann Jane Bailey Wife M 50   Llangattock English
Herbert Crawshay Bailey Son S 19 Law Student Llangattock English
John Launcelot Bailey Son S 12   Llangattock English
Elizabeth Mabel Bailey Dau S 29   Llangattock English
Edith Bailey Dau S 26   Llangattock English
Margaret Elinor Dau S 17   Llangattock English
Gwladys Mary Dau S 16   Llangattock English
Frances Jessie Hotchkiss Niece S 19   Llangattock English
Bertha Elizabeth Ploors Governess S 42 Teacher Switzerland, Berne English
Louis Edward Mimms Serv S 28 Valet British Subject English
Richard Stephen Giles Serv S 27 Under butler Hampshire, Beaulieu English
Ellan Mary Ann Craddock Serv S 40 Housekeeper Lambeth English
Emma Souster Serv S 58 Cook Buckinghamshire English
Ernest Rhead Serv S 28 Footman Leek Stafforshire English
Margaret Ross Serv S 21 Ladies maid Scotland, Rosskin English
Mary Elizabeth Pepper Serv S 20 Kitchenmaid Northampton English
Mary Smith Serv S 21 Kitchenmaid Worcestershire, Huntington English
Annie Frances Serv S 28? Maid Pembrokeshire, Haverfordwest Both
Annie Blacker Serv S 19 Silk room maid ? Breconshire, Crickhowell English
Mary Hanna Grangham Serv S 29 Housemaid Berkshire, Newbury English
Annie Elizabeth Devenport Serv S 24 Housemaid Salop Wellington English
Emily Franks Serv S 25 School room maid Yorkshire, Acomb English
Sarah Jane Powis Serv S 19 Housemaid Herefordshire, Stoke Lacey English
Margaret Powell Serv S 20 Housemaid Breconshire Both
Edward Otto Partridge Stepfather M 71 Living on his own means Monmouthshire, Monmouth English
Elizabeth Mary Partridge Mother M 69   Moseley, Worcestershire English

Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, Bart., MP
Frost v Price, page 2