A day in the life of a farmer

Illus. By Rob Davies

I got up at 7 o'clock, made a cup of coffee, before I could drink it my 3 year old son Lewis came down the stairs so I made him a cup of warm milk. My daughter Jessie who is 5 soon followed and asked me for some milk. I helped my wife get them ready to do the school run by 9 o'clock and by this time my coffee was cold. I boiled the kettle and made another cup, but failed to drink it because I had to go out to see some sheep. I came back to have some breakfast at 9.30 when two workmen turned up to collect a shearing pen and machines to go to a contract tailing ewe job at a farm 15 miles away which I had arranged, so I left my third cup of coffee to go and help them.

At 10 o'clock a man from the Ministry of Agriculture came to do some work on an I.A.C.S. (Integrated Administration and Control System) check, which is a check on my field sizes and boundaries. I took him around some ground we have on grass keep and returned to the house for dinner and a chance to make alterations on the lap top computer which holds all the aerial views and data that the gentleman brought with him. We finished the paperwork by 4 o'clock and then we both went to a field to see my brother who was draining a wet area.

I then got around to tailing and drenching some ewes and took them in a box trailer to grass keep. In the evening I made several phone calls to sort out some tailing work that had been lined up for the next day and also to sort out a few things for our local show on Saturday. Then it was bath and bed.


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