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Illus. By Rob Davies

Several diaries were received from farmers. These are some of the entries received from various Powys farms.

  • Sorted fat lambs to sell . . . collected two stray ewes from Glog farm - which gave me the opportunity to see the most westerly Bronze Age burial mound (2000-3000 years BC) on Glog Hill.

  • I then faxed three invoices to Trading Standards, which act as movement licences for rams bought at Builth Wells Ram Sale yesterday on the Royal Welsh Showground.

  • Got up at 5.30am. Milked 6 till 8. Took lambs to Brecon Market. Bought dog nuts at HDF. Wood at Jenkins Builders merchants. Returned home, emptied bulk cake bin of stale cake. Fresh came at 1.30pm. After dinner (1/2 hour) returned 5 stray lambs to a neighbour and mended the fence. Moved expectant heifers closer to home. Had tea with kids. Started milking 5pm, finished at 8.

  • AM - feed poultry and rams/fat lambs. Preparation of registered rams for sale later in the autumn. (Shepherding rest of animals). Sorting out ewes for sale and those to be used for breeding this autumn. Short visit to registered Beulah speckled ram sale on Builth Smithfield (trying to judge prices and present demand for future reference). Midday meal.
    PM - Visit from forestry person re re-plating of our woodland with broadleaf instead of conifers (approx 2 hours).

  • On the farm today - gathered, cleaned sheep, parted into separate lots, checked their hoofs for foot rot etc. Gathered eggs from free range hens, put fresh hay in nest boxes.

  • Illus. By Rob Davies
    5.30 Get up
    6.30 Gather milking cows to milk
    9.00 Breakfast
    10.00 Gather sheep. Docking sheep.
    1.00 Snack lunch
    1.30 Back to docking sheep
    5.00 Cup of coffee
    5.30 Gather milking cows to milk
    7.30 Evening meal
    10.00 Bed

  • Having a farm sale, sorting out stock.

  • Big ram sale at Builth Wells - a journey of 30 miles with Diahatsu vehicle to buy a ram.

  • I rose at 7am and went down the fields by the river to get some cattle in to go to the abattoir in Shrewsbury. The stock lorry was supposed to come by 8am. I then fed 12 baby calves that had been delivered last Friday. After dinner I worked in the vegetable garden so that I would be close by when the lorry came. The lorry eventually came at 11am, by 11.30 the cattle were loaded and all of the considerable amount of paperwork handed over to the driver. I then went to see and feed the other cattle on the farm on my quad bike. I spent the afternoon making repairs to and servicing my tractor ready to start spreading some manure on Thursday.

  • I got up as usual about 6.30, had a cuppa then went out to see the stock. The old bull was lame again, too much work I thinks. I pulled a calf out of one of the heifers - bloody tight. I got roughly 100 ewes in to dock. Some of the buggers were dirty, then I drenched them and turned them to the rambo. Now it's time for bed.



A day in the life of a County Councillor and farmer can be seen here . There are also diaries of a farmer, a smallholder, a market gardener and a farmer's wife on separate pages.

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