A day in the life of a rural postman

post box
Rural post box

This postman came from the Knighton area:-

Alarm goes off. Got up, go to loo, wash, get dressed in uniform. Go downstairs. Eat bowl of cornflakes. Mug of coffee, clean teeth. Pick up bait bag.

Head for work on pushbike.

Start work, sign in, stand at bench. Start sorting mail into rounds. Quiet day. Not too much post.

Pick out my post and start putting it into my "fitting" ready for delivery.


Load all my post into the van.

Team brief with manager (chance for a cup of coffee).

Leave yard to begin round.

Spoke to 2 people since starting out. Quick good morning - no further problems. Coffee stop - chance to catch up with local gossip.

Away to go again. Listening to 'Wogan' on Radio 2 between calls. A few more customers out and about to greet me now. Farmers and gardeners comment on the long period of dry weather. Deliver village.

Normal coffee stop not available today as she had to go out (it shouldn't be allowed!!) Had to park van next to a wood and have water with my sandwich for lunch!

Away again into caravan park. Gas bills all round - cheered up my customers no end. Back into country. Chased by dog - tried to bite the van mudflaps - they have had the back two so now they try for the front. Collect box and back to the yard for 1.00pm.

Unloaded the van. Sort out post that already arrived for tomorrow. Clock out at 1.15pm.


Cycle home. Uphill, so arrive home out of breath. Greeted by mad dog (West Highland Terrier). Sort out a bite to eat; toast biscuits and cup of coffee and sit down to relax.

Cleaned house, hoovered and polished, washed up and did ironing so "she who must be obeyed" can't nag me when she gets home from work.

Prodigal son arrives home from school. Can't stop for tea. He's out to football.

Mrs arrives back from work. Sit down for tea together, discuss how day has gone.

Once all washing up put away, sit down to view TV with a brandy and lemonade.

Get bag ready for tomorrow. Brush teeth, shower, shave, head up wooden stairs to bed.

Lights out!


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