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Work related to farming

Various diarists were employed in professional ancillary to the farming industry.

Illus. By Rob Davies

This man was an agricultural advisor (as well as being a farmer himself);

  • 4.30 Awoke, unable top sleep. Cows calling in field next to house.
    7.30 Awoken (second time) VERY TIRED
    8.00 Get up, shower, dress.
    8.20 Breakfast - cereals, toast and marmalade, and coffee.
    9.00 Check cattle.
    9.30 Work on computer, checking emails and Internet.
    10.30 Move cattle to fresh grazing.
    11.15 Leave home to visit clients (by car).
    12.00 Appointment - Hereford
    1.15 Appointment - Ledbury
    2.30 Appointment - Worcester
    4.15 Leave Worcester for Llanigon
    6.00 Appointment - Llanigon
    7.30 Return home. Evening reading and watching television.
    10.55 Retire to bed.

This man works as a salesman.

  • Travelled to Knighton, filled car with diesel 75p litre. Collected grass seeds to deliver to Kington at £29 per acre. Also dropped off money at Presteigne for pheasant poults, £2.50 each for 500. 1pm called on client. Sold IOT dairy feed 21% protein at 152 tonnes (milk price currently 14p litre - tough times for dairy farming!). Home for 5pm.

Another works as a policy officer with the National Farmer's Union .

  • 6.30am Got up and helped my wife feed, dress and play with our baby son.
    9.00am Worked from home in our office upstairs using a laptop with access via the telephone to the NFU server.
    12.00pm Lunch - quiche and salad
    3.00pm Stopped working and spent time with my family.
    7.30pm Left to attend an NFU meeting of livestock producers to discuss issues of concern. Meeting finished at 10pm.
    10.45pm Arrived home and bed.

This diarist is helping with publicity;

  • Drove to Brecon to visit market and distribute "fliers" for the farmer's market at Ystradgynlais on 28th September.

More on farming can be seen here and the diary of a farmer and a farmers wife can be seen on separate pages.

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