Bywyd yn y Cartref

Nadolig yng Nghraig-y-Nos

Roedd Castell Craig-y-Nos yn gartref i'r gantores opera enwog Adelina Patti am nifer o flynyddoedd. Roedd Adelina yn noddwraig leol hael ac roedd gan ei staff feddwl mawr ohoni.

Cofiodd un o'i staff, Ethel Rosate-Lunn sut roedd Madame Patti yn mynd i le bwyta'r staff ar ddydd Nadolig:

" . . . . . . drink a glass of champagne with us and join heartily in the chorus of a song we were singing. Before leaving us she would wish each one a merry Christmas and a good appetite. How happy she used to be on these occasions; it added greatly to our enjoyment too.

Christmas was a very happy time at Craig-y-Nos when Adelina Patti was mistress of it. She loved to see people happy and I can remember well how pleased she was to know that as many of the staff as possible used to go to the home of Mr Brookman, the night watchman, between tea and supper on Christmas night to keep company with Mrs Brookman as Mr Brookman had, of course, to be on duty on Christmas night. There was always a large Christmas tree in the theatre laden with presents, cheques and jewellery for the house steward and the personal maids, costume lengths of cloth for the head maids, and also costume lengths - but of a quality not quite as good - for the under maids. There was a staff dance on Christmas evening and Madame Patti always danced with the chef, butler and footman, while her husband, the Baron, danced with the head girls."

Mae'r theatr wedi'i hadnewyddu unwaith yn rhagor ac yn cael ei defnyddio heddiw.

Mme Patti: Craig-y-Nos Castle
Adelina Patti a Chastell Craig-y-Nos
Mme Patti: Adami y Cogydd
Mme. Patti: 'Patro'

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