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Prescription for Master Gibbs
Archifau Sir Powys

Master A Gibbs

Rx Camphor spirit ½ drachm
Lemon syrup ½ oz
Acacia powder 5 grains
Water to 3 ounces
2 tbsp every 4 hours

Camphor spirit - "It is a popular remedy, either taken by the mouth or used as a snuff, for the relief of colds." (BPC)
Lemon syrup - "Used as a flavouring agent in acid mixtures." (BPC)
Acacia powder - "Gum acacia . . . is a variety of gum arabic obtained from certain species of Acacia . . ." (BPC) - used to make syrupy mixtures

Prescriptions for Mrs. Hamilton and Williams
Archifau Sir Powys

Mrs Hopkins

Rx Mercuric nitrate ointment 10 grains
Vaseline 1 drachm
Whale oil ointment 2 drachm
Make an ointment. The eye salve to be applied to the
margin of the lids every night.
Rx Wine of opium ½ drachm
Aluminium 12 gr
Glycerin 1 ½ drachms
Distilled Rose water to 4 oz.
The eye lotion to be applied twice daily

Mrs Williams, Brighton Place
Rx Zinc sulphate 12 grains
Dilute phosphoric acid 3 drachms
Liquor of strychnine 40 minims
Syrup of Mori 1 oz
Water to 6 oz.
1 tbsp. twice a day

Mrs Hopkins

Unguentum Hydrargyri Nitratis, or Citrine Ointment, was used for skin complaints e.g. psoriasis, acne.
Vaseline - "an excellent basis for ointments" (Potter)
Whale oil - "Spermaceti is a constant component of domestic cerates and cold creams, as represented by Unguentum Cetacei. . ." (BPC). A cerate is "an unctuous preparation for external application, of a consistence intermediate between that of an ointment and a plaster, so that it can be spread upon cloth without the use of heat, but does not melt when applied to the skin." (Datasegment.com)
Vinum Opii, Wine of Opium (Sydenham's Laudanum)" was used for "pain from any cause" (Potter) - in this case probably conjunctivitis
Aluminium - poss. Alum, used as an astringent
Glycerine & rosewater - emollient, used in skin lotions

Mrs Williams

Zinc sulphate - "The Sulphate is a specific emetic, acting promptly. . ." (Potter)
Phosphoric acid - "The agent is an excellent remedy for the so-called nervous dyspepsia. It adds tone to the nervous structure of the stomach, digestive and assimilative organs, materially aiding these functions." (Ellingwood). Also, "Phosphorus is used in . . . Chronic Nervous Exhaustion, when the nerve centres are implicated." (Potter)
Liquor of strychnine - used as nerve stimulant and stomachic tonic
Syr Mori - Syrup of mulberries - used to flavour and colour medicines
Prescription for Miss Bebb
Archifau Sir Powys

Miss Bebb


Potassium bicarbonate 2 drachms
Dilute hydrocyanic acid 15 minims
Tincture of ginger 15 minims
Compound of Gentian tincture 1 ½ drachm
Add water to make 8 ounces


Citric acid powder 10 grains
Make into powders send 8

Two tablespoonfuls to be taken every 3 hours with one of the powders as directed

Potassium bicarbonate - "used in -- Acidity and Atonic Dyspepsia, the Bicarbonate, or Liquor Potassae with a bitter, in small doses before meals. If given after meals larger doses are required for temporary alleviation by neutralizing the food acids." (Potter)
Ac Hydrocyan dil - Acidum hydrocyanicum dilutum, also known as prussic acid - "Taken internally its action exerted on the stomach is especially useful in gastrodynia [pain in the stomach], the vomiting of pregnancy, and other forms of vomiting."(BPC). "Hydrocyanic Acid is a very useful and pleasant remedy. It is well employed in . . . Gastralgia, . . . it is one of the most efficient remedies, also in Headache and Vertigo due to stomachal derangement; and in Nervous Vomiting."(Potter)
Tincture of ginger - Tinctura zingiberis - used to "promote the secretion and flow of saliva" (Potter) - and as carminative & stimulant to "aid in the expulsion of gas from the stomach and intestines, by increasing peristalsis, stimulating the circulation, etc. They are also diffusible stimulants." (Potter)
Tr. Gent. Co. - Tinctura gentianae composita, or compound tincture of gentian, was made from rhizomes & roots of Gentiana lutea (Gentian) - "Compound tincture of gentian is used as an aromatic bitter and flavouring agent" (BPC). A bitter was used to increase appetite.
Pulv. Ac citric - Acidum citricum - "It is commonly administered in effervescing mixtures, in which the citric acid is directed to be added in the form of a powder, or solution, to an alkaline mixture." (BPC). Also used to neutralise the mixture, to keep it from being too alkaline, and as an antacid.

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