Getting to School

Map of Powys showing Cantal, Llanbister
Map of Powys showing Cantal, Llanbister
Map of Llanbister
Map of Llanbister

For many children getting to school was an arduous process. Many lived on outlying farms and had to walk miles to reach their destination. Llanbister Cantal school was in a remote situation.

Very heavy rain.
Powys County Archives

"July 6th Very heavy rain. Children unable to cross the brook and hill. School not opened until the afternoon and then only 29 present."

At Abbeycwmhir school, the headmistress returned to school after her illness and found:

"A slight improvement in the attendance today. At the request of Mrs Phillips I went to The Groes, found the children slowly recovering but too feeble to attempt the journey to school, a distance of 2 ¼ miles."

A slight improvement in attendance
Powys County Archives

1891 Census
Groise, Abbeycwmhir
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
James Evans Head M 34 Estate labourer Radnor, Llanbister English
Elizabeth Evans Wife M 28   Radnor, Abbeycwmhir English
Evan Evans Son   9 Scholar Radnor, Abbeycwmhir English
Edwin Evans Son   7 Scholar Radnor, Abbeycwmhir English
Stephen Evans Son   5 Scholar Radnor, Abbeycwmhir English
George Evans Son   2   Radnor, Abbeycwmhir English
Mary E Evans Dau   1   Radnor, Abbeycwmhir English

The children of the Morris family who attended Aberedw School had to walk even further to get to school, a distance of some 3 miles.

But occasionally the long journey could be hazardous, as evidenced by the sad case of 6 year old Beatrice Gough who attended Heyope School:

A terrible accident
Powys County Archives

"A terrible accident happened today at the crossing, over the line, to Treluggas. One of the school-children, Beatrice Gough, on returning from dinner, was caught by the express train and killed, being literally cut to pieces."
Map of Heyope showing school and railway
Map of Heyope showing school and railway
Powys County Archives

The children were given time off to attend her funeral.